Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite



I literally can’t get over how good cowboy ghost rider looks like. It’s so good. I hope like how Dante changes what his devil trigger looks like cowboy ghost rider gets a fire horse


They just need to give Zero his Megaman Zero skin, then I’d be a happy fan.



Love playing as DmC Dante. :heart:
And Black Panther is really fun to play as too! Sigma is cool too. Have yet to play with Monster Hunter… just not all that interested in her, but I’ll give her a go some time.


You can see all the DLC characters and the new skins in HD here:


Monster Hunter is a ton of fun. She takes some time getting used to, but once you understand how her buttons work, she hits like a truck. Especially with Power Stone LOL

Her armor is like the best thing ever lol


I am still struggling with what kind of Infinity Stone I should use. I like the Time Stone skill, but not so much the storm so much… kinda boring. I like the Space Stone storm, but it seems to be very focused on zoning characters and the only zoning character I like is Jedah, as I mostly play rushdown. Soul Stone is kinda neat for bringing back the dead partner, but the skill is kinda disruptive…

I dunno… any tips, anyone?


It depends on how you want to approach people. What is the team you play most?


Well, with the new characters out, I’m not sure anymore. It used to be Jedah and Dante. But now I’m trying out Sigma and Panther as well, mix-matching atm to find out what combo I like. When Black Widow comes out, I’m gonna try and see if I enjoy playing as her, as she’s my fave Avenger character…


Hmm. That’s hard.

Personally, I like Time Stone because I can force people to hold my mixups, and it’s a good way to escape situations. Play around with the stones and see which is your favorite!


I always do. :wink:


Power and Mind Stone are my favorites so far. Power Stone’s surge has great utility both for combos and just as a get off me tool. Mind Stone’s command grab is neat for characters who don’t have one but it takes a lot of getting used to. The Storm for both are my favorites.


I think mind stones surge is very underwhelming. The command grab surge is nice though.


It’s really good if you have long supers and such to tag out, or your character hits like a truck using supers.

Or Nova. He gets stronger with each bar filled.


Do you mean the storm is underwhelming? I use it to get constant meter while using Strider’s orbs.


Huge missed oppurtunity seeing as the new film is the revised adaptation of dark Phoenix!

If they do add only one X-men female member who’d you like to see?

I’d personally love psylocke but if only one x-men member Rogue.
I feel she could bring interesting mechanics


I mean, it can’t be a missed opportunity when that’s the exact thing they’re trying to avoid.


The man has a poiint^^ :thinking:


Sorry I’m late to the party.

The Spider-Man/Nemesis team with either Time stone or reality stone seems pretty good. I love Nemesis’ command grab and I love the time zone mixups.