Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite


Yipes and TastySteve at SCR were calling it rose garden, while the guys over at CEOtaku were calling it Snake Way (after the DBZ post-death dragon road). We’ll see what name the community ultimately winds up going with, but “rose garden” seems appropriate to me for now. :-p


Well ‘thorns’ is one word so I’m just gonna call it that


“No infinites” they said.


Psylocke in her new apocalypse War Horseman costume would be SICK


Even though I despised the demo and the overall game in general…I have the urge to at least play this game casually for the sake of community. But I cant pull the trigger on it yet at a 67$ total right now.

I might rent it one weekend and play it for a week.
I have MVC3 ultimate on PS4 and have played it a few times, I dont like how the menus and “story mode” are so convoluted and chaotic. It just doesnt feel comfortable fro a causal player of the series.
I do like using DR Doom and the Dark Stalkers chic though.


Never trust “they”. Those guys are a-holes


The game is even called “Infinite”… what did you expect?



I’ll be honest. I’m more hyped for the First wave of DLC characters then the entire roster.

Like, Monster Hunter & Sigma look SOOOOO cool. Black Panther is very cool too but I’m not really good at those types of characters lol

And Sigma’s voice. That and his gameplay sell the character to me.


I feel the same as you but to much lesser degree.

I’m really happy that the netcode seems to great. I just don’t like the Marvel style of how combat flows (as in just sitting there for 8 seconds to watch a boring infinite combo take half your life). But the counter tag option seems to serve a similar function (hehe) to a combo breaker so that could make the combat feel more dynamic with more critical decision making per sec.

I’ll give it a try eventually when it goes on sale. It looks like it will soon.


They both look really cool. I was never a fan of Wolverine or X-23, but Black Panther is awesome and I will most likely pick him up.

Also, Sigma… Sigma is just… I love him. He’s my favourite Mega Man boss of all time. I prefer his X4 iteration where he wield a scythe, but to have him be playable in this game makes me so happy. Just too bad the game is subpar, but with Sigma and Jedah playable I have a reason to pick it up.


Bw cosplaying as the orchid that should have been


Can’t wait to have her in MvCI!



So it has come to my attention that this is real.



I’m so gonna get that! :smiley:

Okay, now I HAVE to get this game!


YES BOI! One of my favorite versions of Dante! Loved NT’s game.


ME TOO!!! :smiley: :heart::heart::heart:

I thought it was awesome, edgy cheesiness and all. :heart:


Dante’s DmC Vs pose colours:


these 16 costumes are godlike they look so amazing. even the dante one dispite how much people dislike his charecter. even his devil trigger looks different. the amount of detail into these costume completly destroys base model