Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite


Plus he was super hype.





Honestly. He just felt super generic to me. Especially sense there is no way to make use of his actual super power in gameplay, he’s just a generic guy with a ton of weapons. Something that could easily work with any other character.


Don’t really see how he’s generic.


Mm probably. So many things in the game would look cooler with a little pizazze. But at the very least it’s functional.

I’m actually surprised they didn’t design the character select menu to be at least a blue and red X with blue capcom on one side and red marvel. Then maybe join the X with colors into an infinity symbol. Just little stuff like that y’know


My favorite thing about Taskmaster was that his theme was an in joke in that he stole it from a hero


It seems like you missed the reason they put him in. I’ll explain.

Taskmaster doesn’t have any superpowers but instead, he has a photographic memory. So, he uses that photographic memory to memorize the moves and skills of the Marvel characters and work as kind of a vigilante. The way they implement this in MVC3 is by giving some of Captain America and Spiderman’s moves to him as part of his own ■■■■■■■ as well as giving some of the moves they say he copied from Hawkeye to Hawkeye when they put him in UMVC3. Some examples down below. Sorry that some are a little small.

Captain America





To me, that’s why I don’t like him. Anything he dose is either already done by another character, and done better, and anything that’s unique to him is just generic sword fighting. Seriously, people complain about “Copy-Paste” design in fighting games, so why would people want a character who’s entire gimmick is that he copies stuff from other people. UNLESS, they were using him the way they used Super Skrull as an excuse to not have the characters he copies his moves from as individuals, but why on earth would they not want to use Spider-Man and Captain America?


easy. the sum of the parts is better than the whole. using those moves together creates a playstyle that is wholey different and in some cases better than where those moves originated. spiderman, cap nor hawkeye can not attack the way he can by mixing their moves to do something new like a combo i always thought looked cool that taskmaster did that involved grappling hook into otg arrow storm(a super im not even sure hawkeye even has)


Hi there! I want to make a question about Marvel vs Capcom MP in X1.
My boyfriend boughte the game but findind a match online seems impossible. Maybe because we are in South America? Have you experienced difficulties finding matches?
So far we can’t figure out what’s happening. Maybe no one play in X1 in this region…


It takes a while to find a match even up here in California. From what I gather it’s an issue happening in every region on every platform though it affects some worse than others. Some theorize its because of the low player counts though they’d have to be abysmal to affect matchmaking this badly.


His generic sword fighting is supposed to be ripped from Black Knight who wasn’t a character in the game



So anyone want to do some matches?


That weird moment when you see Keits in marvel top 8…


Keits did well! I’ve been watching his streams leading to CEOTaku. His team is pretty solid. Was rooting for him to take it.


Lol. Yeah, people always seem to forget that Keits is actually pretty good at videogames. He’s a former Evo finalist for TvC I think.

Yeah, mvci is fun (which I already knew), but I’m actually very pleasantly surprised by just how free-form it actually is. If you think it could work, it probably will, and that’s actually a really, really cool design philosophy. It’s also not a particularly attractive game, but as has been said before, it’s not butt-ugly in person or anything. The art style is a miss; not really a deal breaker.

Also: LOL at all the people who thought this game would be more “honest”. Dorm rose garden is just the beginning :joy:


You can actually get out that for free.


I knew what I was getting into when I bought this game. :joy:


Rose garden? Is that what we’re calling it?


Nemesis is pretty fun. The armor on all his attacks is an amazing change.


I know right? It looked like a dragon undulating on the ground to me. I guess I need to look at it again.