Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite


Hey, they at least have a fully fleshed-out arcade mode, right?

That’s at least better than KI’s arcade mode.
…just saying…


Questionable. KI has an arcade mode for a bit less than 1/3 of the roster but each character can get one of 3 endings. There is also a bonus boss if you do certain things for a secret ending. MvCI has an arcade mode for all characters but no ending which can be compared to survival mode in a way. It can go both ways.


…yeah, but that’s the only way you get a boss as well.

I know, it’s kinda a apples to oranges comparison. But if you ask me it’d be nice in this situation if the apples tasted a bit more orangey and the oranges a bit more appley.


The game has very blurry in game graphics, with story mode cutscenes that stutter.


Wow. They did an AWESOME job with the Monster Hunter character. Not feeling the “Proof of a Hero” though


Pretty cool. I may have to get this game after all.



New Main. Hard facts. Day one buy. Where’s my wallet, lol


I was sold when she popped the Demon Stance and then she did the full Greatsword chain. omg this character


I know, I’m like hardcore geeking out right now lol


I’m surprised she’s coming out first when we’ve known about Black Panther and Sigma first. Looking forward to try her out. I really hope her premium costume is a guy hunter because I think the male rathalos armor looks cooler


MvCI is a more complete game at launch than SFV and KI when it comes to roster and modes, but that doesn’t mean it is a better game.

Huh, reminds me of something…


Yeah, I kinda gathered that, hence my appley oranges and orangey apples comment earlier. :wink:


If they went with more original like this one, and less rehash it may have been more attractive-

Still waiting to hear about storm or Psylocke at LEAST for interest maybe by another year-


I’m playing this character. They literally pulled nearly every animation she has from the Monster Hunter Games.

You can even cancel an attack into a roll like in the games which is sick.

I play the Adept style, so rolling at the right time is my thing lol


Yeah, I’m adding Monster Hunter to my list as well. I’ll also probably try Sigma when he comes out, but that depends on how he plays.


And she has Taskmaster shenanigans, which I miss.


So I’m in the lounge in my university lounge room and this guy has mvcI. And yknow the game doesn’t look that bad. Yeah a different art style would look better but on the tv in front of you especially in motion while your playing the game looks cool. Definitely not as ugly as some people say.


You know what would make the game prettier? A better HUD. It constrasts so heavily with the game’s art style that it makes the game look worse than it actually is.


I’m glad that gameplay went to someone else. Taskmaster was fun, but i always thought he was a stupid pick for MvC


You must be crazy. Taskmaster was a great pick for the concept that they were going for IMO.