Level 50 club


I got Kilgore up to level 50 about a week ago, so now I’m back to having all characters at level 50 again. :slight_smile:


It only took me a week to get Killgore up to 50 as I had already had his SL version up to 23 before his official release.
Once he finally came out i really wasnt that hyped anymore and didnt play him everyday.


I asked for those that didn’t pay for it yet and got to 50 in that chance we had in Shadow Lords, I’m curious to see how many got addicted to Kilgore and tried whatever it took to keep playing with it until reaching Lv.50.


Well maybe make your own thread about getting Kilgore to level 50 inside Shadow lords??
This thread is for all discussion of all characters to Level 50.


Spinal joins Hisako, Orchid and Maya at 50! Now the question is, who do I go for next as my background grind character? (Still, as of now has to be a season 1/2 character, I quite like Sadira, Aganos, Fulgore and Wulf, least likely to touch are Thunder and Combo.)


I used to dislike Thunder.

Give him a go. Just dedicate a day to him. At the end of that day, ask yourself if you had fun. If the answer is yes, then that’s you next character to grind.

At least that’s how I do things.


It’s just a base character appeal thing, I guess, I mean he looks cool, but he’s just a human native American amid a sea of monsters, secret agents, robots and such. I guess I can’t really say that because 2 of my 50s are magically augmented humans, though, so maybe I should give him a whirl.


I expect everyone to make big strides on this front this weekend. Just turned on Double XP.

Update just now?


Man! This always happens when I have no more characters left to level! Curse my fantastic grinding skills for ruining easy opportunities for grinding! :persevere:


Just gonna add that my Jago is now 50! Finally.


Just added Riptor, which now means Maya is my only S2 character that isn’t 50


So can I get quad XP if I buy a booster? I have the permanent double XP thing going due to the season 3 pre-order. Quad XP would be… Delightful


That is correct!


Only 3 left for me… I finished up Glacius just after you turned it on!
My 3 least favs…Sadira, Arbiter and Rash :frowning:


I thought it was weird that I was getting 7000+xp at a time. I was like “I’m not performing that well…” Then I noticed this thread, and was like “Oh schnap! I get to join the 50 club!” - and found an explanation too. Neato!

Thus far, the characters I’ve played to 50 are:

And wifey:

Not sure of who’s next, but the Madam has been on a TJ kick, so we’ll probably switch sides for a bunch of levels, get them TJ colors while I sharpen up a Mira. Then… I dunno. Y’all know that feeling where you want to play other characters but don’t wanna stop playing the one character? Whaddaya do then? Why are all of these characters so damned neat?


Ah, I see why it was turned on now. :wink:


My 50s are Fulgore and RAAM. That will change this weekend.


Sweet! So many left to go for me, I think I have 6 of the cast at 50.


Adding in my Glaicus! I am on a roll…so to speak. The goal for the weekend is to get Spinal, RAAM, and Kilgore to 50. Maybe Arbiter, as well. He is just below the fold.