Level 50 club


I don’t think that it would be a lot of work…

1-Devs create post one week before the streaming, fixing a day and an hour for it
2-We inscribe in the post, putting our gametarg. If you inscribe and you are not avaible the stream day, you are banned for the next stream unless you post that you are not going to attend 24 hours earlier.
3-They start the stream.
4-They randomly choose someone, and see if it’s online and playing KI(this takes 20 seconds at most). If not, go for the next. If yes, invite him. If the invite is ignored, go for the next.
4-FT5/FT3 set between dev and the player
5-Go to 4, repeat. Another dev could do the checking for the next player while the other is playing

I think it’s pretty simple, easy to do, and a good way to give advertisement for the game

I mean, playing with the devs it’s a big deal! It would bring people to both the game and the forums


Yeah, its def a big deal, no doubt! But Ive yet to see anything like this go smooth.

But hey Im all for it. Bring it on! I kick the crap out of @rukizzel 's shadow when i need an easy 1,000 shadow points! LOL… shots fired!


Lol. Give me your login and I will get your Glacius to 50. You can do my Omen - I think he’s level 0.


I dont think I hate Glacius as I do the other 3…Rash,.Arbiter and Sadira. Im just not good with him. As a character I do like him and his music/ stage/ lore.


Also, if you get to play one week, you have to skip the next week’s. Gives more people a chance.


Jago, Shadow Jago, Fulgore, Glacius, Spinal, Aganos, & now finally Arbiter!
RAAM is on his way, currently sitting at 40! I think Tusk is next in line at 30.


Got my Mira to Level 50. She’s really fun!


At the Kombo Klash tournament yesterday my Xbox was one of the consoles used to host matches. Thanks to my fellow KI brethren, “Cinder, Sadira, Kilgore and Sabrewulf” gained 26 levels combined, lol. I am so happy (though I wish it was 26 levels each :smile: ).

So, do I have to put an asterisk on these characters now?? :joy:

Anyway, Jago at level 40 now. Without anyone’s help lol.


Remember how things were before the permanent double XP? Lol, nightmares.

Jago at 45 now. Hopefully 50 soon. It’s been a ride with Jago. Not the hardest, that goes to Orchid. She and Aria were the first ones I got to 50 before all the double XP and booster bonuses.


UPDATE ***** Killgore and Orchid are now apart of the club! Only 4 remain!
Glacius, Sadira, Arbiter and Rash.

Ill probably complete them in that order.

Level 50
TJ Combo
Shadow Jago
General Raam
Kim Wu

Remaining characters
Sadira -17
Glacius - 22
Arbiter- 7
Rash- 3


Finally, jago at 50! Now I got my first male at max level :blush:

Jago, Aria, Mira, Maya and Orchid at max.

Next? Dunno yet.


Updated L50 list:

TJ Combo

…and now the sandman himself…Mr. “I did nothing wrong”…Kan-ra!!!

16 down, 11 more to go.


My Tusk is 50 level now! DAAAH

My characters - 50 level: Spinal, Jago, Fulgore, Arbiter, TJ Combo, RAAM, Eyedol, Kan-Ra and Tusk


…and newest member to 50 = Tusk

Mira, 47 and strong


I’m now waiting for MS/IG to update the game with new unlockables.

I now have all characters at level 50.
All achievements
Every Mimic skin (w/o using KI gold)
Every Shadow skin (w/o using KI gold)
Every archive item in Shadow Lords (except the glitched or unavailable ones)

I really hope they up the level cap on characters and add some more colors for higher levels. It would be cool if they let you use KI Gold to buy some of the special skin packs, as I have all this KI Gold with nothing to use it on.

Grinding out the Shadow points for the Shadow skins have eaten up most of my gaming time, so at least now I can start working on my backlog of other games.

I suppose I could keep playing ranked to actually get better, but I’m a bit burned out at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Got Fulgore and Jago to 50 this past week playing Shadow Lords. Aganos is at 48.


Glacius and ARIA both at fifty now with all achievements (minus friendly victory for ARIA, still waiting to catch a friend on that one.)

So currently: Arbiter, Rash, RAAM, Tusk, TJ, Cinder, ARIA, Shago, Fulgore and Glacius at fifty.

Next up: Thunder and Kilgore.


Ugh I just put in a solid 60 matches this weekend with Kilgore. Still working up the ranks with him. Need to do more. Still only rocking the lvl 50 Shago.


I’m curious about something…

How many players have a Lv.50 Kilgore… and didn’t pay for it yet?.

I’m one of those.


I got Lvl50 Kilgore in the first week of his release. No boosts, no KI Gold, same as the rest of the cast.
I’d like to think that’s worth something :smile: