Level 50 club


Arbiter is one of your least beloved?!??!?!?!

Bite your heathen tongue, good sir, lest I quell your thunder and douse your flame. :wink:


Mine too! Rash, arbiter, Sadira and Glacius… least fav 4


I am disappoint.


I’ve got Kilgore to 50, this reclaiming my place at the top of the food chain. Every character is to Max level.
Bring on the next character!
#I’m hungry for more


Great job to everyone who takes the time to LV 50 a character :smile:. All mine are at lv 50 again. I just need to do this 2 more times when the next 2 characters are released.


Got Jago , Orchid , Hisako and Riptor at lvl 50
Spinal is next with lvl 40


In a game full of 10/10 characters, being a 9/10 makes you the worst, although you are a frigging 9/10

I like Sabrewulf a lot, he simply doesn’t go with my style.
I could say the same about the remaining characters.

But, I mean, their competitors are Aganos, Gargos, Eyedol, Aria, Hisako, Fulgore…

Someone has to be the least interesting to me xD


I think you mean competition, friendo :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah. Even the characters I don’t like as much are still really cool. Same goes with the music in the game. Being the least good thing on something that’s awesome doesn’t mean it’s bad.


Actually I meant competitors

So you are wrong too, deal with it MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I got the following:
TJ Combo
Gargos- 48
Aria- 46


Me, being wrong?
Grinds my Gears.


Alright here is my updated list…after 2 wipes.

  • Shadow Jago - 50!
  • Jago - 46
  • Glacius - 45
  • Spinal - 32
  • RAAM - 30
  • Arbiter - 25
  • Kim Wu - 25
  • Sabrewulf - 19
  • Rash - 18
  • Mira - 17
  • Thunder -16
  • Tusk - 15
  • Kilgore - 14
  • Maya - 14
  • Fulgore - 13
  • Orchid - 12
  • Cinder - 8
  • Sadira - 8
  • TJ Combo - 8
  • Aganos - 6
  • Aria - 6
  • Gargos - 6
  • Kan-Ra - 6
  • Hisako - 6
  • Riptor - 6
  • Omen - 5
  • Eyedol - 4

(2 funny notes: been through 2 different save wipes from Season 1 :frowning: and clearly you can tell I wasn’t working on the game during Season 2. That’s right when I joined the HoloLens team. It shows. lol.)


Just 2? I think I managed to get wiped about 4 times, not to mention another where my save file got transferred to my son’s profile.


At least 2. But I don’t recall for sure. Think it was only 2. (That’s still 2 too many. We were so happy to finally be rid of that bug!)


Poor Eyedol :confounded:

Do you have the double xp boost?


I do. What I lack now is the ability to play like I used to. Always so busy working or chasing my kid around that I don’t get to put in long sessions. I play every day, too! But usually it is on a dev kit to collect footage, or just long enough to verify an in-game sale or something of the like.


Yeah, I can picture that. Kids steal a lot of time, but it’s happy time with them ^^

Who would you say are your 5 prefered characters to play?


Shago // Jago // Glacius // Spinal // Fulgore

Mostly because I love watching you all use these characters and do ridiculous things (i.e. Bass’ Spinal) and try my best to emulate that.


I already played against your Jago’s shadow, but would be great to play someday if you can take the time ^^

Maybe you(or any developer) could handle a “Challenge devs” day, where the official twitch channel streams several devs running sets against some community members. We could post here in the forums for inscribing in the event, and handle it like a lobby where you(devs) always play, even if you lose


Great idea but… everyone would want to play here on the forums. Who chooses who gets to play? Who manages making sure they are on the friends list and invites and all that?
It would be a lot of work