Level 50 club


Good lord that picture.

I should have him at 50 by this time tomorrow if I don’t get to board. My goal has been 100% achievement completion but this reach killer and beat 10 killers thing is going to kill me, odds are I won’t be doing either. Even the win 20 ranked ones is a serious obstacle. If I ever do hit killer I’ll have to re-qualify back to silver so I can actually win matches. x__x





Got Eyedol to 50 today, now have the whole cast at 50. Phew!


Level 50 Eyedol, yay

I still only have Shago and Eyedol maxed out though. >__<


All is right again. 100% achievements again. I am not counting SL “kind of upset that I need to look at them for 2 months”

Eyedol now joins the rest of my cast at level 50 :slight_smile:


Aside from Glayglay, Wulf, Combo and Aggie, I am working on Eyedol though I was working on Gargos but eyedol looks more fun to me!


Eyedol is now 50!


aganos and kim wu


I have Gargos at 50 and I’m trying to get Shago up there as well.


Skipped Spinal and Omen which were both higher levels to grind Mira to 50. I’m not touching Eyedol until he’s toned down a bit.


Go the General up to level 50!

I have three characters to go:

Mira (40)
Eyedol (40)
Gargos (40)

Three of my favorite character designs. Given that we might not get another character for some time (crosses fingers for 9th bonus character, crosses toes it’s Ben Ferris or human Wulf), I think I might take it slow and savor leveling these last three up. Man, are they fun to use! :slight_smile:


Seems I never updated. All Characters at Level 50 - I miss the grind!


I kinda know the feeling. It’s nice having all the colors and stuff, but the Ranked achievements don’t give you that little progress bar that goes up with each fight like the XP bar does. Kinda wish they had a progress bar…

Ah well. Welcome to the Club!


FINALLY level 50 with my main main character Arby along with Riptor, next Cinder, to level him up fast, i needed some help, Swordsman helped me out on my problems, and now I know what to do :wink:


Glacius now level50

Next up is combo who’s at level 37


Wrll, thanks to the Shadow Lords intro I had to give up my “Save Kim Wu for last” trend I was going for, and so I figured it might be nice to just plan for her to be my next L50. So yeah, she will be soon.


Maya joins my level 50 collective, alongside Orchid and Hisako. I kinda dropped Spinal for the time being after enjoying Maya and Orchid way too much, I’m tempted to learn Aganos next, not completely sold on the idea though, but I love learning gimmicks and have a fetish for any character with a bar of some sort. :slight_smile:


I finally got Orchid to Level 50. I know it’s paltry compared to most in the thread, but since I pretty exclusively play ranked it’s good for me. That brings my collection to:


wooo i got my first level 50! got my glacius into the club!


Saberwulf’s in the club now.