Level 50 club


Mine’s 43… :smiley:


Forgot to post it, mine its already 50!

Lvl 50

General Raam
Kim Wu

Hisako, Shago and Tj around 45, Arbiter 40, Kan-Ra 34, rest around 30


DARN IT!!! I should play Eyedol last night…


Thunder is now 50.
Love the eagle chest paint.
Next up is Glacius who’s in the mid 30s.


I planned on Eyedol to 50 this weekend, but I got side tracked in a 2 night 8 hour each binge of Dark Souls…Owell… currently at 31 so not too far away.


I don’t know how you people do this, I’ve been playing Eyedol constantly since Thursday and he’s only 32.


Maxing out the Survival and VS fight challenges is a good way to chew through levels quickly. With lower difficulties fights can be finished really quickly and still be worth a decent amount of XP. Plus it’s an efficient way to go through the counter-breaker and Supreme Victory fight challenges.

Doing more than one game mode is a good way to go, even though it tends to involve a lot of AI grind.

Also, update: I’m at Lvl 44. SOON


I’ve got the survival one knocked out and half of the vs one.


Good, good.
I’d be half tempted to compare our Eyedol playstyles. Think I found you on Xbox LIVE through some other friends.

Soon the Eyedol army will be pretty and fashionable with all of our high level skins and gear! Muahaha!


Yeah I was going to grind Eyedol to 50 too but for some reason that I can’t explain I got this random urge to learn and play Hisako all of a sudden, so I ended up playing with her most of today lol


Something I will add is if you have the PC version, depending on your setup survival would likely be the quickest way due to faster load times. It is for me anyway :wink:


Raam lv 50
Rash lv 4x


I can now add Kan-Ra to the level 50 club and Spinal and Omen to around 40-45


Aria is at 50 now.


I just finished Eyedol. I’m done with everyone in the cast.


It is done. Everyone at 50.

Only thing left in achievements are the Shadows Lords ones.


At 42 now but the grind is starting to wear on me, whew.


I’m nearly finished with him. At Lvl49 now, will be Lvl50 by the next time I look at the forums. I can definitely feel you on the grind. Yesterday I got to a point where I just set down the controller and took a nap on the couch. Didn’t touch it again until after I got home from work because I was just so sick of the monotony. Of course, I really like playing Eyedol (well, I really like Warrior head, Mage is still kinda difficult for me.) so it’s still fun.
I took him online today and I got rather favorable results. He got me back into Gold Rank, which I think is a pretty good sign that I like 'em. I’m rather surprised with myself. :astonished:


I feel the same about the heads, in warrior I’m having fun but the mage is kinda blah. I like zoning with Glacius and Gargos because I can combo off of it, the mage stance is literally just plunking away with ranged pokes until your head switches back. Its not really fun at all and I main Glacius, so zoning is something I’m accustomed to.

Nearly all of my solo grinding has been in vs against a Gargos AI, I have fun beating him up and for some reason Eyedol’s new design has kind of softened my opinion on Gargos’ ugly new face, he’s not nearly as bad now that I have something cooler to look at.


You know this kinda summarizes a lot of my S3 opinions. I mean, I was very adamant in my opinion about the inclusion and exclusion of certain things for the longest time, but now that a lot of what I wanted out of the season is here I feel a lot better.

Speaking of good feelings…
I can finally reclaim my place in the Mile High Club.

^Celebratory throwback to the beginning of this thread