Killer Instinct at X018?


So when is this X018 gonna come anyway?


November 10th and 11th. I know it’s being streamed on Mixer, but I don’t know how much of it. There will be both first and third party reveals, apparently.


I hope they’re going to reveal V’s gameplay in next Devil May Cry 5 trailer at X018. I am very curious to know what kind of next character’s gameplay, he looks very interesting.


I heard they’ll announce a new exclusive game. Possibly Fable. That would be nice. As for KI, I would settle for the remaining ultimates. That’s the only thing that bugs me.


Well, it’s expected that they’ll announce multiple first and third party games, so if they’re having a two day event to only announce one new exclusive, I’d be kinda shocked. New Fable would be awesome, no doubt, but I’m really hoping they’ll have more than that.

As for ultimates, I think that ship sailed a long time ago. They did what they could with what they had and we’ll just have to accept it.


Am taking my brothers advice on this one. “Am never happy because when am happy bad things happen.” There fore I ain’t hoping for anything that way the world can’t hurt me.


Just a reminder that X018 is tomorrow, and if you have any more predictions, now’s your chance!

In addition to the announced news about Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, and Minecraft pandas, I personally believe that we’re going to hear something about the Fable project from Playground Games, and I’m still holding out hope for a Battletoads trailer and SOMETHING KI-related.

I’ll be watching, how about you?



where will it be shown?


Yeah I’ll throw my final predictions out here:

New Trailers:

-Ori and the WIll of the Wisps
-Forza Motorsport 8
-Halo Infinity

New Info:
-Crackdown 3
-Something PUBG related like a new map or something
-Cuphead DLC
-Sea of Thieves DLC
-Gears Pop
-Gears Tactics
-MS getting DLC for a non-exclusive release first, such as Assassins Creed Odyssey or Sekiro

-Fable 4
-3rd Party Indie Game (exclusive)
-3rd Party Game (Not exclusive)
-3rd Party Game (Not exclusive)
-Obsidian Purchase
-Returning franchise game reveal (Not exclusive)

Bolder Predictions:

-Killer Instinct 4 Announced
-Namco announces a Killer Instinct character as DLC for Soul Calibur VI
-Banjo announced for Smash Bros
-New Banjo game announced
-MS announces purchase of a substantial publisher / developer
-MS announces the purchase of Sumo Digital
-Sega Reveals their new fighting game
-EA reveals next Dragon Age game
-Rocksteady reveals their new title
-Netherealm reveals Mortal Kombat 11

And perhaps even less likely:

-MS unveils the box and pricing for their next generation console
-A new entry in any of the following series: Lost Odyssey, MechAssault, Crimson Skies, Kameo, Conker, Shadow Complex, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse or Amped.


On any of the official Xbox channels on Youtube, Twitch or Mixer.


A tiny spark of hype leaked for me: “Below” just got an M rating in Australia, which hints that it will release soon-ish! :star_struck: …wait, it’s a mature-rated game?! That’s got to be some HARDCORE itty-bitty pixelated violence! :sweat_smile:

I’ve been waiting for that interesting game for ages, and it would be awesome if Below ended up being one of those “…and it’s available RIGHT NOW!” reveals at X018.



Okay and when? what time?


3pm local time in Mexico, which works out to 1pm PST. No idea what time zone you live in, but you can figure it from the PST to your own time zone.


I believe that is 3pm Central. I live in Oklahoma .


My thoughts:

  1. A new KI comes out only when there is a new console.
  2. So much silence
  3. @rukizzel are you still here?
  4. Let’s hope we’ll see something tomorrow.
  5. I rememder the developers having said “KI 4 life”.


…maybe I am still here… But simply because I can never leave my KI fam high and dry.


uuh, Keits mentioned few months ago that dealing with KI pro scene primadonnas left a mark on his nerves and he does not want to be involved in developing another fighting game…


Oh really? That is bad


This is one of the reasons I hate competitive play of any game. Those people take these things WAY to seriously and turn something that’s supposed to bring joy into a seething festering mass of hatred. And I’m not just talking about video games, that’s what happened to sports too. The second people turn something into a competition, it goes down that road.

The second people start playing games competitively in college is the second I wow out. Because then even gamers will have a reason to despise absolute strangers based on nothing but where they went to school. It’s sick.


Today’s the day. Sadly I won’t be here to watch it. My nephew’s birthday is today and I gotta be there for him. I’ll be bringing Dragon ball Super season to my parents place and I’m gonna watch it with my dad. :smiley: