Killer Instinct at X018?




I’m 99% these are the rumors they are referring to.


I’m kinda in line with the ‘kinda’ main point of the article. MS spent a lot of time and money to acquire a number of good studios under their Microsoft Studios umbrella as of the most recent E3. An event like this would be the perfect opportunity to unleash a wave of fresh games and announcements to Xbox consumers.

If Killer Instinct happens to be one of those titles that is getting some work done, i’d be excited to hear about it, but my hopes are tempered.


As are mine.


Guys guys guys!!! It’s hard to tell but I think we just got a hugggggeee hint… he’s downloading ki on the left screen… I think that download size is bigger then what it currently is!!! Anyone able double check? @rukizzel time to come out of retirement… lol like masterchief said “wake me when you need me”


Ok, seeing this thread balloon with hype is giving me extra hype, so I’ll throw my hat into the ring:

I believe that we’ll get some exciting surprises, and I really hope that we’ll get to see more of that upcoming Battletoads game that was teased at E3, but as for the nay-sayers who act like the coffin lid has been shut on Mira’s coffin, don’t forget about the trail of hints that Killer Instinct is fighting on for the long haul, including:

The great merchandise poll thread! (Where’s the new merch?)
The legendary character poll! #TeamSharkman :shark: (Where’s the new characters?)
The continued support of KI on Twitter and the forums! (I love @KillerInstinct on Twitter!)
The custom KI Theme horn in Forza Horizon 4!!!

And most importantly*, the repeated note from the KI Team that they’re still listening, and if we keep playing… :wink:

I’ll certainly stay tuned to the big show out of Mexico City, and I have a really good feeling about it- Plasma claws crossed that something Killer Instinct happens in two weeks!

@DIAMONDVISI0N Hmm, you may be onto something! I can’t zoom into the picture too much, but it looks like the full download is 4X.22GB. Can anyone see that second number so we can rush to our Xbox Ones to double-check? :thinking:

Fight on,


*(I’m sure there’s more, but I’m late and it’s tired… :stuck_out_tongue:)


Like many I will keep my expectations low but if something is announced that would be fantastic.


I knew I’d forget something:

The ongoing support for the Kilgore Fund!

I just wish that there was some kind of online chart or thread that listed how much of the KF went to whatever tournament, as well as the dates of each tourney, so we could easily follow and support them too. All too often, it felt like I’d see the promotional tweet for a big Kilgore-backed event an hour before or after the matches have already begun! Ah, well- I’m happy that the Kilgore Fund supported a number of entertaining tournaments all throughout 2018.

By the way, I double-checked how large the base Killer Instinct game is on my Xbox One, and it currently stands at a solid 47.2GB, but the image on Twitter showed a version of KI being downloaded towards a total of 4X.22GB… Hmm… Maybe @DIAMONDVISI0N was on to something! #StayTuned? :thinking::thinking::thinking:



I think there’s hope with varying levels of expectation. I have zero expectation. I’d love to see it happen, and I’ll hope for it throughout the duration of X18, but I honestly can’t even fathom being disappointed if the game doesn’t show up because I simply don’t see it as all that possible even if I read these tiny little tea leaves.

Xbox, to me, still has a substantial reputation for trying something once and then moving on. So while I’d love to see more Killer Instinct, I also hope to see Lost Odyssey 2, Crimson Skies 2 and Kameo 2. That doesn’t mean I have the slightest expectation that they’ll happen.

Can you clarify that a little? My apologies if I missed something around here, but are there rumors floating around on this site about a new KI?

I dunno. It’s entirely possible, but one has to think that they have sources and access to info and rumors and what not that we might not be privy to. Ya never know.

Is anyone honestly expecting a 4th season at this point? I’m certainly not, but maybe that’s just me.

That’s what I’d like to see.

That makes a lot of sense. Of course, MS still needs to put out SOME games before Scarlet. So why not a new KI? Plus, there’s nothing that says a new game couldn’t be cross-generational. That happens all the time in a new console’s first year or two.

Okay? I guess you’re laughing at my comment, maybe? Can’t say I’m really sure here. Could you elaborate a little?


Can’t the console generation last a little longer. Our graphics are already so good to the point of it not mattering. I really don’t want to shell out another $600 on another console just to keep up.


I agree with that!


I’m just giving you crap man, don’t look too much into it. lcdSmirk-28px
…but yeah KI4 isn’t happening anytime soon.


Nah give me the new beast console with a KI4 that will drop jaws. And it ain’t gonna be $600 lol…$400-500 is the range.

Graphics quality are nowhere near the point of more powerful hardware ‘not mattering’. Xbox One X was being pushed just to run Killer Instinct at 4K at a locked 60fps…that’s just a resolution bump with zero graphical upgrades. We need much more powerful hardware to keep pushing visual geometry, effects and AI forward…especially with 4K becoming more common.

If you really can’t picture better graphics than what we have now on current gen then you either have a very serious lack of imagination or just really low expectations.

Anyway I firmly believe the next Xbox will be here in 2 years and that a KI sequel is in the early planning stages for it.


Unless the next generation is going to have graphics that LITERALLY look like actual photographs, then I don’t care. I don’t care about graphical fidelity, especially sense it’s really only something that pleases in the short term. We all know that styleized art in games is what lasts longer in terms of appeal.

I can’t afford another $600 console right now. I just can’t. And I don’t want to fall away from gaming as a hobby like so many people do once they enter college. Bills start pileing up and they have to drop their favorite hobby. And then they never hop back on because the industry changes so much while they were away. When your a gamer, you have to stay a gamer to keep pace. Otherwise you stop playing your favorite 3D platformers, and then you try to go back but all the games are Fortnite. If you don’t keep up. You don’t evolve with the industry. You stagnate. You become cemented into what you like and you can never judge anything with objectivity. You just keep saying “it was better when I was a kid” over and over because your brain isn’t malleable anymore. I don’t want that to happen to me. I don’t think anyone wants that to happen to them. I know the industry doesn’t have to bend to my will. But if it could just wait till i’m on a better financial footing. Do me this one solid. Your already killing my favorite game type and replacing everything with open ended sandbox “blank-simulators”. Please. Just give me this.


Again Scarlett ain’t gonna be $600 bro…I don’t know why you keep saying that. But honestly if you can’t afford $400-500 for a next gen console you might as well accept you’re not buying another traditional hone console ever. Sounds like you might be the target for MS much cheaper streaming box though.

As for improved graphics…uhh that doesn’t mean ‘photo realism’…who the hell wants that in a fighting game? I certainly don’t. And you won’t find many studios going for that unless your talking Poliphony with Gran Turismo which then it’s desirable. Improved visuals just means more detail, higher poly counts and geometry, advanced effects, ray tracing etc. Not to mention the huge benefits of the CPU upgrades coming for higher frame rates, improved game logic, NPCs, AI etc.

The rest of your post is some babbling rant about sandbox games or something that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand so I won’t touch that.


My Xbox One was $600 when I bought it. And that wasn’t even at launch. They were already talking about the Kinect-less bundle when I got mine. So excuse me for thinking the price would be the same. Also, pay attention. I said RIGHT now. I’m not never going to be able to afford one. I need to wait till I can either sell enough plasma or finally get a place to give me my first job.

Then you go into the techno babble that I barely understand. Let alone care about. Here’s one. If you care so much about all that crap, stick to PC gaming.

Sorry about the rant. It was late at night and I had a bad day. I just needed to vent. I need to vent a lot. And unfortunately I have to do it here because none of the people i’m surrounded by on a daily basis would even know what i’m Talking about, let alone care.

I’m just tired of all of these open ended adventures. That’s all that gets made any more. I just want fighting games with big rosters and story modes. No hub worlds or RPG elements. No gear, costume pieces or leveling up. I want linear action games where you just get from one end of the level to the next beating dudes up. I want fast Linear A-B platformers, or collect-a-thons in SMALL areas like Banjo-Kazooie. For many people gaming is escapism. And this is how i like to escape. But those games just don’t get made anymore. And you can only play the same games so many times before they stop being fun. Sigh. Whatever. I don’t care if people care. I’ll just stay over hear. Completely alone. Waiting.


Those type of games do still get made. They’re all just indie games instead of AAA titles.


It’s all good, I just wasn’t sure what you meant, but no problem. :slight_smile:

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah you’re probably right… lol

I’ll be kinda surprised if next gen consoles are that much. Xbox One was $500 when it launched and they got raked over the coals for selling it at that price, though I’m sure part of that was because Sony came in $100 cheaper, but still.

I’ll be shocked if either MS or Sony’s next consoles come in above $400 and even then, it wouldn’t surprise me if MS tried to undercut Sony and sell theirs for something like $350 or even $300 and take a hefty loss early in the generation. They have to do something to stem the tide of this generation.

As for college, I’m not sure about you, but my college experience actually got me even more in to games than I ever was before. Being in a dorm room with four other people, we always had a game system on with people playing. If your roomates don’t game though, I can see how that would be a hindrance.

Eh… I know it can feel like that at times, and if that’s been your experience, then so be it. We all have unique experiences, after all. But my favorite genres have come in and out of style multiple times since they first became popular. Some new genres spring up or come back in to style that don’t interest me, but there are SO MANY games out there right now that if I’m not served by giant title A, B, C, or D, I can still usually find other stuff I like such as giant title E or smaller titles.

I mean, I have zero interest in Red Dead 2. None. I’m sure it’s an amazing game and would never fault anyone for being interested in it one bit, but I’m just not in to the old west, and I haven’t been in to most of Rockstar’s offerings for a while. They just feel too big to me, and I get lost in the minutiae and I’m not usually looking for a game that devours me for several months or even years at a time. At least not in the open world genre. But that’s just me, and that’s okay. Soulcalibur VI just came out and I’m all about that! Been playing it and loving it.

So I don’t think there has to be this heavy burden on the players to stay up on what’s currently out or currently popular in order to enjoy their hobby. Hopefully you’ll come to that conclusion at some point as well and not feel like you absolutely have to keep up on things or risk getting passed by.

Do you live in the US? Because here, the Kinect XB1 day one console, which I bought, was $500.

He was just explaining what a next gen console might offer in more practical terms. You don’t have to disregard his opinion as “techno babble” just because you don’t understand him. Maybe ask for him to clarify so you get a better picture of what he’s trying to say? Or not, your call. Just seemed a tad dismissive is all.


I’m sorry about that. I’m in a VERY rough patch and I was projecting anger onto the situation that it didn’t deserve. I have a problem with that. As you can probably tell. I was just upset that I felt like I poured my heart out (as incoherent as it may have been) and the first response was not “I understand how you feel but I feel X” and instead was “your opinion is wrong because XYZ”. And it didn’t help that i’ve never really cared about specs. With the kinds of games I like playing, the only thing those do is make them last longer and look prettier.

Yes. I do. Maybe Best Buy oversold me. I don’t know. Maybe it was because I bought it with enough Xbox cash for KI. I really can’t remember. All I know is I had to raise $600 from lawn mowing and doing chores for family members because I was a freshman in high school.

The problem isn’t that my roommates don’t Game (even if they really don’t). My problem is I have like no time and no money. So I can’t play my old games and I can’t buy new ones. Doesn’t help that I left all of my systems home (except my switch, but I only could afford one game for it and it’s long sense 100%) so I could “focus on my studies”. I would have brought my Xbox so I could play KI, MKXL, I2, and MVCI, but my dad wanted it so he could play Forza.


Same here, I get where you’re coming from. No worries. :slight_smile:

Yeah I mean with tax and the added price of a game or two, I can see how it would get up to $600.

Yeah, I remember paying for cigarettes with pennies on more than one occasion while I was in college, and I even had a job at that point, even if it wasn’t exactly a high paying one. Totally get where you’re coming from on the money thing.

As for the time aspect… I think it just comes down to budgeting your time, allowing yourself to take breaks here and there, and not letting yourself get overwhelmed. I’m not sure what year you are in college right now, but the first year or two were particularly difficult for me when it came to time management. The workload from classes, combined with attending classes at times that felt weird (especially the three or four hour classes that met once a week), getting to know people and having a social life in college, working, and doing all of this in a new environment and not having routines I was comfortable with all kinda piled on top of me at once.

The good news is that it does get easier. Final exams won’t frazzle you as much, you’ll know how to study, you’ll know where to go to study if you can’t get any peace and quiet, you’ll have a better handle on how long something will take you and when to knock that thing, like a paper or whatever out and you’ll be more compelled to get it out of the way instead of procrastinating and letting it hang over you like a dark cloud. Everything will fall in to place and make sense to you and you’ll still have time to do the things you enjoy. You ever need any advice on any of that or whatever, feel free to drop me a line. Either way, good luck!

Wait, weren’t you the one that had to mow lawns and save up to buy the XB1? Tell dad to get his own lol. I’m only half joking too. Games really helped my room mates and I decompress after a long day of classes or finals or a long night of researching a paper or whatever. You need that decompression, otherwise you’re just racing to put out one fire after another and no one needs that kind of constant stress, ya know?