Killer Instinct at X018?

See the following:

Here’s to hoping the KI rumors are true!


I hope for Killer Instinct!

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I got my fingers crossed. Holding on to hope.


Please give us KI. And a Banjo Kazooie 1+Tooie HD remaster.


crossing my fingers as usual that we’ll see a KI announcement. I’m not confident that it’ll be there though unfortunately.
Its gonna be a tricky one, I can see it having a similar small launch like we got in 2013 and continue the seasonal model. Which I’m more than happy with but I know we’ll see so much moaning because its roster will be smaller than what we have now after 3.5 seasons.

I am confident for a Banjo Kazooie announcement though which will be nice if it comes true.

Regarding KI, does any one know what Iron Galaxy has been up to since extinction? I noticed on twitter that they’ve opened up a few job roles over the last few months. I’m sure that’s who Microsoft will want to get back on board for anything KI related. They had a great working relationship regardless of what certain people thought of S2 and S3.

We need to remember that it must have been difficult for IG picking up an established game and begin working on it as well as learning the engine in such a small time frame. It’ll be interesting to see what they can do from day one.


Great article, thanks for posting this, @educedvoid!

As far as the content, here’s my impression:

Crackdown 3: I’m honestly not that hyped for this. I like the way the world looks, but never played the first two, and open world games like this feel like they’re all over the place these days, so it’ll really need to stand out. I’m hoping the destruction element will give it a unique identity, and that it reviews well enough to really get people hyped for it. Plus, I just want it to be a good game because I want to be interested in it.

Sumo Digital: If MS is looking for companies to purchase, then I think Sumo Digital would be a GREAT acquisition. Not just because of Crackdown 3, but because they’ve made some fantastic Sonic/Sega racing games and I’d love to see them develop an Xbox exclusive cart racer.

Gears Tactics: If this comes to Xbox, then I’ll definitely be interested. I’ve never played XCOM, so I’m assuming the “Tactics” isn’t really like Final Fantasy Tactics, but either way, it looks like it could be a cool way to play a Gears game.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Of all the games currently announced, this is the exclusive I’m most excited for. Blind Forest was a tough, but gorgeous Metroidvania style game and I had an absolute blast playing it. Can’t wait for this one!

Moon Studios: Has Xbox purchased them yet? For some reason, I didn’t think they had. I know Ori isn’t exactly a AAA system seller, but quality games are quality games and the more studios they have putting out good titles, the better.

Fable: XO would be the perfect place to reveal the next game, but who knows if it’s ready? If this is announced, I’m guessing it’s just a teaser and a title a the very end of the show, and that would be just fine with me. This series has endured so many years of missteps since Fable 3, so hopefully they can finally get it back on track.

Killer Instinct: I’m trying to keep my expectations low, but man I really can’t help but hope for a follow up to KI 2013! This game alone would make the whole show a massive success for me; just knowing that they were turning this much deserving title in to a full-fledged MS franchise in the more traditional sense would be amazing.

Iron Galaxy: Speaking of which, I really do kinda wonder if MS would consider an Iron Galaxy purchase. They’ve been staffing up, and while I’m sure that was mainly for Extinction, it sure seems as though they’re looking to keep expanding and do even more. So having a dedicated Killer Instinct team while they work on other projects for MS certainly seems feasible, and I know I’d personally love to see it.

Scarlet: One thing they didn’t really mention much of is MS’ next gen console. I mean, if you’re going to put on a big event in Mexico City that’s streamed across the world, something you haven’t done in eight years, it only makes sense that you’re not only going to bring games people know about along with some games of varying sizes that people don’t know about, but that you might have a megaton bomb announcement to drop as well. Could this be the biggest reason for X18?

A few other games I’d love to see, but know there’s almost zero chance of them happening:

Lost Odyssey 2, MechAssault 3, Crimson Skies 2, Kameo 2, Conker 2, Banjo Kazooie 4, Kakuto Chojin 2, Tao Feng 2, Blood Wake 2, Amped 3, Quantum Redshift 2, Perfect Dark 3, Blue Dragon 2, Shadow Complex 2, Ryse 2 and a new The Show level baseball game.


I’m not sure what they’ve been working on, but IG does certainly seem to be staffing up. Really hope that’s
Killer Instinct related. Also wouldn’t mind it if MS purchased them, as they seem to be a rather up and coming studio, even if Extinction didn’t get the best reviews.

I think I’m probably most excited for that possibility (of a new Killer Instinct) because I’d love to see what IG could do when building a game from the ground up the way they want to make it. I think they had some phenomenal character designs.

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Yeah, it does seem like a hard sell on paper based on their track record alone. However I do like that Microsoft has built studios around their first party IP’s. 343/Halo, Coaltion/gears, Turn 10/Forza etc. In a dream world they’d have IG working on KI for years to come. A project they could solely focus on.

Microsofts recent acquisitions are certainly exciting. Tons of talent working on all sorts of genres. Microsoft should nail down on the fighting genre. I assume KI was a success for them. I mean if it was dead in the water we wouldn’t have gotten a second season let alone a third and beyond. I’m sure it was built on a shoe string budget too.


Yeah, I like that too. Nintendo has several quality franchises that fans can rely upon generation after generation, and I’d love to see Microsoft develop that model as well. That’s not to say that I’m dying to see We Happy Few 2 or State of Decay 3, but if they can get all of their studios working on titles that people want across a wide variety of genres, I think that’s to everyone’s benefit.

Plus, as you said, it certainly makes me more excited for what Microsoft will be doing in the future. Just knowing that they have all of these new teams, plus that big new AAAA studio that they’ve formed… I’m really interested in seeing what they’ll be churning out over the next several years, which gets me a lot more interested in owning their next system then I was before.

Agreed. I know that Kakuto Chojin 2 and Tao Feng 2 aren’t happening, but at least having one Xbox exclusive fighter, and one that’s so fun, with such all around quality and creativity like Killer Instinct would be great.

I have to think that it sold pretty well, or well enough for them. Not only did they make a second season and then a third, but they went beyond the third season and they also put out a definitive edition in retail AND they contracted for a small comic series.

As much as people griped all throughout the process that KI wasn’t marketed enough, we still got a ton of content out of this experience and I think they really showed that they believed in it enough to keep it going for four years after the initial launch. I don’t think they do any of that if this game is a dud out of the gate, or a dud after season one is complete or season two, etc.

I mean sure, maybe they just wanted to do right by the early adopters and not just pack up and abandon the project after the first eight characters or sixteen characters, but it’s not like they would’ve been raked over the coals by the gaming press or even the FGC if KI disappeared after season one or season two. So to me, that at tells me that they saw enough demand and enough opportunity for financial gain to keep things going.

If they saw that before, I can’t believe they wouldn’t still see that as far as a sequel’s concerned, especially if they now know what’s possible with the budget, with timing for content creation and scheduling and what not. They were more or less in uncharted waters in KI 2013 with how they delivered the game and it still came out well. I could see them making a bigger investment in a more retail oriented game, but I’m sure they must like the fact that they have the knowledge and know-how if they want to make the game on a lower budget again.

Sorry, that’s all just a long way of saying that I think a sequel could be set up for even more success thanks to name recognition again along with their past experience, even if IG were to have to build the sequel from scratch. Hopefully we’ll see something at X18!

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I would wish for a new KI now.

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Is this true? KI was mentioned?

In the article, all the way at the bottom, it mentions KI:

“One of the wilder, potentially less-likely reveals for X0 we’ve been digging into include a follow up to Killer Instinct, which we’ve heard repeatedly over the past few months is still being explored by Microsoft. ”

So take that for what you will. It’s a rumor they’ve heard repeatedly, but they also call it a wilder, potentially less-likely reveal. Guessing the odds are 50/50 at best.

I don’t know if this adds any fuel to the tiny flame, but I thought this was kinda interesting from KI’s twitter account early today:

I mean, I’m sure Matt Booty plays a lot of games, but the fact that he’s playing KI and the KI Twitter feels compelled to mention it and take a picture of it? Seems interesting.

For anyone not aware, Matt Booty is the head of Microsoft Studios. Phil Spencer is the head of Xbox and I’m sure he has substantial feedback and pull, obviously, but strictly on the games side… well, this is more of a guess than anything else, but if a sequel gets made, one would have to think Matt Booty would be the one giving the green light.

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Welp shame on me for getting my hopes too high. I’ll just tone it down just in case.

I think you guys are setting yourselves for disappointment, personally.


I’m pretty sure the “rumors” they’ve heard is all the stuff we hear on the forums here.


Theres not gonna be any significant KI news at X018 (probably none at all). KI 2013 is done, there is not going to be a season 4, I don’t know why people keep hoping for that it’s not even a good option at this point in the Xbox One life cycle.

What we can (and should) be hoping for is an all new ‘KI4’ on Scarlett…possibly even as a launch title for the system in Fall 2020. If that’s the case the earliest we would even get an acknowledgement of its existence is E3 2019 with the official Scarlett reveal…and even that might be wishful thinking considering Phil’s recent comments about them announcing and showing games way too early and wanting to avoid that in the future.

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I really don’t why people complain so much. We have an amazing game. We’re not getting another KI for Xbox one. Maybe it’s coming for Scarlett. For now, I’m just thankful that I can play it on a daily basis.

I think it’s becaus epeople are concerned about the fate of the series as a whole.

I understand that and I believe we’ll get another KI for the next gen.

That’s my bet.