Killer Instinct at X018?


Microsoft definitely needs to purchase IG.

They also need to partner with a couple major third party devs in Japan. They’ve been friendly with SEGA and Koi Tecmo in the past, maybe they could put out a few exclusives. A new exclusive DoA and Ninja Gaiden. A Jet Set Radio. Maybe a GunVallyrie sequel. Maybe an exclusive new Sonic game. Hell, Nioh is owned by Koi Tecmo, how about we Steel that franchises from the PlayStation. They definitely need a ton of RPGs to appeal to that market.

They also need to take the popular franchises they own and make them regulars. We need to expect more than Halo and Gears. A new Banjo-Kazooie needs to be as certain as a new Mario, a new Fabel as certain as a new Zelda, a new KI as certain as a new Street Fighter. With a smattering of their other ips for good measure.


I hope something like this will happen today :smile:

Btw it is nice to see the camera changing angles during ultra


@rukizzel may i ask u man?

If nothing happens today and no new KI, would it be possible for the developers team to arrange a q&a thread like those before and give us their thoughts about the future of KI? Or is the team broken and everyone has a new job now? Yet, in that case would it be possible to give us some info about how the game was made, like character designs, sketches, characters that didn’t make or so?


yeesh, the chat on pretty much every version of this stream is downright toxic. I actually feel physically sick from the few seconds of it I had to see before I closed the windows.


OK. I wasn’t expecting anything, but I’m still massively disappointed. Nothing new that they showed off looked interesting. And the few cool things that got showed off were titles we already knew about.


Welp that confirms it then. Nothing KI related. But hey we knew it wasn’t gonna happen. We were hoping it did but it didn’t.


Honestly, I’m not disapointed about that. I had already come to peace with it. I was actually hoping that they’d show some more Rare stuff (The New Battletoads, Banjo-Kazooie One + Tooie: HD Remake, something with the other IPs) and was hoping that Iron Galaxy was one of the new studios that they had acquired.


Bad news.


Pretty much.


Being realistic I doubt Microsoft is going to have anything new to show for at least a year, maybe even more. Their new efforts into first-party software and acquiring studios are quite recent, and it could be potentially several years before we see anything out of them if MS sticks to their word about not announcing their games until they are near release.


They did say that there would be stuff at the game awards, specifically the games on sale for Winter of Arcade. I doubt it’s anything more than small games, remakes/remasters, and indie titles though.


My biggest takeaways from X018:

Plenty of cool stuff coming to Game Pass, and since I have it until the end of the year, I’ll be able to check out Hellblade, PUBG, Thomas Was Alone, and more soon. Neat.

While it’s very cool that Winter of Arcade is returning, I wish they spilled the beans on the incoming games- that would’ve MADE X018 for me! (I want Below noooooooowwwwww….)

Also @Yperdaimonios brought up an excellent point: It was mentioned by @KRAKENJIMMY a few months ago that they’d like to “grab a bunch of questions and do a Q&A,” and that they had a backlog of stuff that they’ve had to shelve to fix the previous KI problems. It’s been blatantly mentioned that there’s something more going on behind the scenes, and it’d be awesome to get that Q&A before the end of 2018.

I can’t be the only one who’d love a new Q&A, right? :purple_heart:



Yeah I was listening to IGN’s Xbox podcast and they wrapped up X018, mentioning that Below seemed like a great fit for Winter of Arcade. They also mentioned Ashen and possibly Tunic as likely candidates as well. That’d be a pretty strong lineup IMO. Ooblets was another one that might’ve been suggested, can’t recall. I’d also throw out the Metal Wolf Chaos rerelease, Super Meat Boy Forever, Outer Wilds, and one that I really hope for, The Last Night.

There are some solid indie games coming soon(ish)!

I’d be all for this! Curious what they’d be working on behind the scenes. I doubt they’d talk about a sequel or a 4th season or anything like that, so what could they possibly be working on with the current (likely final) build of KI 2013? Quality of life stuff?

If that’s the case, I mean, I wonder what questions we’d ask that they’d want to answer. Tourney money stuff? Behind the scenes / Making Of / How they arrived to Decision XYZ type stuff? I mean, I could see them doing a sort of “looking back” kind of deal. Maaaaaybe they answer something about all those cool concepts that were in the survey that never became characters in this game like a Lovecraftian horror character or a Djinn, etc.

Either way, if they have anything to talk about, I’d certainly love to hear about it and if they have anything related to the future of KI in any way, shape or form, well… That’s DEFINITELY something I’d like to hear about. :slight_smile:

Any chance this happens sometime soon, @KRAKENJIMMY?


Sorry if it felt like I tripped over a portal into the Astral Plane, but Thanksgiving week+ was ultra-busy for me! I’m back! :sweat_smile:

If anything, I’m holding onto some hype for Thursday, when we’re supposed to hear about the Winter of Arcade lineup at The Games Awards- Here’s hoping Below comes out soon! :star_struck::video_game:

It’s a bit of a bummer that the idea of a new Q&A feels like it fell off the radar as soon as it was thrown out there, and I’d have loved to have sent a few questions to the KI Team. (Including why Kilgore never got any concept art added to the game, and if they’d like to post some to the site instead!) It’d be a ■■■■ shame if Killer Instinct’s development totally fizzled out with no hope for more stuff, but if they wanted to add a Sharkman or more Color Packs (Mountain Dew Omen is the best Omen), who would develop the new content for our game? We haven’t been totally abandoned, as we get some kind of main-page update at least once per month, but some kind of high-five and a “We’re here, and stuff’s happening” message would be awesome. :innocent:

I miss the incredible feeling of knowing that new KI stuff was always around the corner… :disappointed_relieved:



I dunno man, I tend to think they’re done with this game. I mean yeah, I’m sure game breaking fixes get looked at and patched still, and we’ve heard about stuff like that not too long ago, but things like Kilgore concept art, additional characters or color packs? I’d be completely shocked if they add anything new to this game.

Same goes for who would develop new content for the game. If they’re not developing anything else for the game, it stands to reason that they wouldn’t be contracting with anyone.

I agree that a “we’re here, stuff’s happening” message would be great, but if there’s no stuff happening, then they wouldn’t really have anything to share. If I’m not mistaken, Eagle came out in what, June, 2017? Have they ever gone a year and a half without giving us any kind of indication that new stuff is coming since this game first launched? I can’t recall, but I don’t believe so. I think that’s probably all the indication we’ll ever get that this game is done (beyond Keits saying on Twitter a long while back that he stopped working on KI and the game is complete, or whatever he said).

At this point, I think the best we can hope for is a Q&A that’s more of a “looking back” kind of deal, where the devs talk about stuff they liked about the game, the day to day workings during the short content cycle, maybe stuff they wish they could’ve included in the game or stuff they would’ve changed, their favorite characters, etc.

I mean, we got something relatively close to that when they had Ken and James on This Week in Xbox or whatever, the Mixer twitch stream several months ago. It wasn’t a long segment, but the reminisced about KI a little and played some matches. I really enjoyed that. :slight_smile:

As for what the future of KI holds, I’m starting to think that KI is headed back to the vault for a while. They have all these new studios working on who knows what, but presumably they’re all focused on Scarlet and it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to assume they’ll be working within the genres they know best and making the games they want to make. I can’t imagine MS buying Obsidian, for example, and saying “you guys are great at these Pillars of Eternity type of games, but we would like for you to make a new Killer Instinct game.”

Of course, if rumors are true, then the Horizon team is making the next fable, so it’s not like it’s completely out of the realm of possibility, but even then, I think this generation, and this game, is largely complete aside form the currently announced games. Maybe they announce a new game in the Motorsport line of Forza games for XB1 at E3, but otherwise, I’m guessing that the next Gears game will be their big holiday 2019 game and we’ll have other stuff like Ori 2, Below, Ashen etc to also help bridge the gap to next gen.

If we hear about a new KI game, or really anything with regards to KI’s future, my assumption is that it’ll either be at E3 2019 (assuming that’s where they’ll unveil Scarlet and reveal some titles for it), X019 (which I really doubt given that they barely announced anything in the way of new games at X018) or E3 2020 when Scarlet’s hype train really gets going.

Again, it’s all guess work so I don’t mean to be unduly negative here. I obviously want a sequel to this amazing experience and I really hope @TempusChaoti can help work his magic to make it happen the way he did with this KI game. Really, out of all of MS’ awesome exclusive IPs dating all the way back to the OG Xbox, 2013’s Killer Instinct is the best Xbox game I’ve ever played, and one that I’ve certainly had the most fun with. So it’s easily at the top of my list with regards to game sequels I’d want. Scarlet would be a day one purchase for me if they announced a sequel, no question. Hell, I even offered to write for the game if that would help in any way and I have a full time job lol. Of course, that would be a dream come true, I digress lol.

But as far as this current game goes, I think at this point, we should just be happy with what we have and realize that as much as they did with this game over the years, it was never going to have everything that everyone wanted because that’s utterly impossible. But what we do have is an amazing experience and one that I think we can safely assume is complete, and that MS is likely looking toward the future. I’m okay with that. I’m happy with what we got. I just want to get another one, because I think this game really deserves a sequel. I just hope the sales were there and the desire is there from MS’ side to make it happen. :slight_smile: