Killer Insight: SightlessKombat

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This is awesome. I’ve had the chance to play and work with this fellow over the past few months and it’s been a blast. Great to see the VI KI community getting the spotlight.


Another good choice for an Insight article, and it’s inspiring to see how someone with that kind of limitation is still able to learn and play Killer Instinct.

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Been waiting for this for a while. Always neat to hear about our resident blind beast.
Nice interview, @SightlessKombat

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He made it boys!

Congratulations. You are an inspiration, for sure. And i had a great time reading the interview in your UK accent :slightly_smiling:

Happy to be your friend, and i hope to help you get even better soon!

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I have no idea how this guy can play. Mad props.

How does he read the forums?

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There have been some incredible advances in braille monitor technology in the last few years :skull:

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Sightless Kombat is officially Gandhi…


I use a screen reader, not a “braille monitor” actually called a braille display.

If you guys want to ask any questions about how I play the game feel free to do so, I’ll be happy to answer them.

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Interesting Interview Sight!

Looking forward to your progress in Season 3 and beyond!

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Thanks very much… and just for clarification, it’s Sightless… :smiley:


LOL. Ok. I understand. Sightless it is.

Was that sarcasm I detected in your post? :slightly_smiling:

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Good interview and article. Honestly still impressed at watching you play - you’ve got a solid Fulgore @SightlessKombat :smile:

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To be perfectly honest, I was making a joke; I didn’t realize there actually was such a thing. When you had mentioned using a “screen reader” before I thought you meant a text-to-speech tool of some sort.

How does the braille display actually work?

That’s exactly what it is. Here’s the one I use, it’s free and open source

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Congrats dude!! Proud of you!!

Awesome interview, man! Great to know more about one of the cooler people on this site, no question. Now that I’ve leveled every character up to 50, I think I’m finally ready to wade back in to the online waters. We should play a few matches sometime soon!

I’m kinda curious… I’m sure it involved a lot of practice, but how did you train yourself to follow all of the sounds happening? I mean, I can recognize the sound of Sabrewulf’s shadow eclipse, for example, but between all of the hit sounds, the character grunts, and the loud music, how do you keep track of what’s happening, where you and your opponent are and how far apart you are and react accordingly with such consistency to get all the way up to Killer rank? Major props for that by the way!

Don’t stop get it get it!!! Wow! Just Wow!! You sir are a world class killer in my book. Great interview and insanely inspiring!

Great interview and cant think of any one more deserving. Glad i recently joined the forums just because of meeting @SightlessKombat playing some sets and learning from him.