Kilgore Walkthrough with Iron Galaxy


I prefer Twitch


Not to jinx anything, of course, but what is it you’re hoping to hear about?


Friendships! @JEFFRON27 is a good little dinosaur :wink:


I’m home… so I’m watching…

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Twitch is just much more reliable, in my experience. The few times I’ve tried Beam (even in the archives) it’s been kinda meh.

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welp there is the official season 3 is over news from the walkthrough


First hint:

Some of us are in the correct path about looking for new characters in SL texts

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I will say that $10 seems a bit much for a single character



A normal season(8 characters) without extras is 20$…


technically 5$. half the price is for the tournament fund just like shago


No. It’s undivisible. If i just wanna buy him, it’s 10$.

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it’s 11:16, where’s the stream D: ??!


I’m okay with it as long as there is some extra stuff going on like “the money will also fund omen and shago stuff” or “a stage or 2”.

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$10 just for Kilgore or for all 3 new characters?


Paying double for game impactful content instead of cosmetics to support the tournament scene is really backwards. The whole point of putting it on skins is “hey get something cool and youll support us too.” not “support us or you don’t get to play.”

we even got the brand new authentic thunder to put the 5 dollars on


Kilgore looks like so much fun right now o w o!


Can some of the community fund PLEASE go to giving EVERY character a stage?

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So you must want to buy him without supporting the tournament scene?


As said in the chat, i did not play the game for few months nows (look at all the games we had in the second half of the year) so i was naive in excpecting that Kilgore would bring me back in the game.

Alas, pay 10 move for a single character when i already spat 120 euros (france here) for this game : well no, just a big NOPE.


Hey half goes to tournaments if the other half goes to stages and new characters or a season I’ll be happy! I’m buying Kilgore!