Kilgore Walkthrough with Iron Galaxy


people tend to want gameplay content without having to be guilted into paying extra with “don’t you care about the scene.”

Its better to make people want to support you instead of having to in


I would. No offense to anyone, but I’ve already donated what I care to donate to the tournament scene. I don’t attend any tournaments and, honestly, the guys in “the scene” have pretty much been ■■■■■■■■ for the entirety of season 3 as far as I can tell. Why am I throwing money at them?

I have said since the community fund for Shago that MS needs to be careful with this concept. If they wanted to sell me $5 skins to support the scene I would most likely happily buy it and feel good about it. But I feel like we are now being held hostage to get very meaningful game content, which makes me resent it instead of feeling good about throwing money to support fun events. That positioning matters a lot. Shago had a lot of exceptional circumstances that mitigated this, but now I’m starting to feel taken advantage of.


That’s a loaded question

I want to support Devs, so I have no problem investing money in the game. But I can’t attend to any tournament, so if I want to support tournaments or players, I would suscribe to their twtich channels or donate or whatever. But I don’t feel that paying a tournament pot increasing by 5$ the price of a characer is a good way to go.

Are the remaining characters to cost 10$ too?

3 characters for 30$?

IMO, too much for me


I will see if there is anything else, but 10 dollars for JUST a character? That’s extremely pushing it. At least with Shago, he came with some fight money you could at least spend.

As much as I love supporting the tournie scene, I’m not spending 10 dollars on a character. That’s ludicrous.

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Yeah, $10 is pushing it.


With compendium-style fundraisig, its important to remember you get what you pay for, and they cut some of that out to support whatever. Unless we get some $10 bundle with gold or skins or something then this isn’t “half the character funds the tournament,” this is a required 5 dollar donation to “the scene” in order to access the store



I hate you guys XD

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Is $10 the final price?


I can totally understand this sentiment, especially the way in which this could be seen as rewarding many who have not been constructive to the scene. I’d rather pot-bonus price increases be used on cosmetic content rather than the meat of the game like characters.

Whenever there is a community fund for pot bonuses, It feels like this is just going to the same 0.1% of the people who place high at tournaments. I get that bigger tournaments may lead to more exposure, and more people playing the game, which benefits online players, but I wonder how it plays out in reality.

I’m torn right now on this. I’d have no problem paying an extra 5 if it went to developing alternate stages, and not just a forced tourney donation, which again feels weird for such important content.


Honestly the price of the character would be easier to swallow if it came some KI gold or a cough stage.


Yeah just add some KI Gold and I’ll buy it immediately. I see no harm in doing that.


I’m fine with purchasing him for 10 bucks especially if half of that goes into a fund to get KI to evo or which ever, Getting KI to evo will get it more exposure.

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People say Killgore being 10 bucks is too much.

But then you have realize the last community fund was 20 bucks for Shadow Jago aka a remix of jago! Is it really that big of a deal?


The thing is, not only did that bundle include $20 worth of KI Gold, it also went towards making Shago a real character and not just tournaments.

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Does he come with a retro and premium accessories of this price? Maybe the $10 covers the 3 characters especially considering he’s a remix


No retro.


Maybe next time they could price the character at $5, but add an exclusive extra color or something in an optional $10 offer for the character that goes toward the community fund.

That way people who don’t care for tournaments or don’t have the expendable income can buy the character at a fair price. While the people who do care about the tournament scene get to support the community and get a little extra bonus out of it.


No retro
One accessorie set in 4 colors


WTF is with that outlandish price? I’m not fussed on the tournament scene and at least with shago you got gold aswell

And he only has one set of accessories! Do they want a blood transfusion aswell😂


really the only drawback I feel about Kilgore is that he only has one accessory set, which I feel is a bit unfair to him. Other than that, bring on the kill bot