Kilgore Walkthrough with Iron Galaxy

Hey everyone!

@TheKeits and I will be doing a live Kilgore walkthrough tomorrow! You definitely don’t want to miss this one!

When Is It?

January 3rd, 2017
9am PST

Where can I watch it?

Killer Instinct Twitch Channel

Killer Instinct Beam Channel


Can you give us a small sample of what will be on tomorrow’s stream for us impatient fans?

I smell something more then a character walkthrough a coming.

For those of you that live on the east coast that is also 12:00pm est.


A surprise of showing the second character would be awesome. Wishful thinking.

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Especially when I a quick head start on how to play the game. 9AM PST so that means 12:00 Central?

It should be 11:00am CST I think.

I counted down from the time Kilgore was going to be availbale last I looked. If you countdown from 6 PM tonight you end up at 11:AM CST tommorow. That’s my guess anyhow

Yep just did some research, it’s definitely 11:00am CST

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I don’t want to, I have to. Some of us have school :frowning:


Kilgore trailer with teaser please :smile:


Use your phone to watch stream at school. :wink:
Dont let teacher caught you. lol

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Well, there go my Horde plans for tonight. Just gonna go ahead and set a reminder for this.

I definitely sense something more than just the character walkthrough. Not too much more, but enough of a sneak peek.

First off, I’d be lucky if my phone could even run the stream.

Second, unfortunately I’m a good student. :confused:


Twitch has an “audio only” function. Dunno if Beam does.

Thanks for the advice, but I’m missing the stream, that’s it lol

I’ll have to rewatch the archive 5 hours after it airs.

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I miss those ig streams



I miss the trailer with the sneak peak of the next character. I’ll miss the stream unfortunately, because I’ll be at work. I won’t get off until 4pm. I hope they archive it.

Took you guys long enough! Now he’s going to actually come out by the time we get the preview! :stuck_out_tongue:
I unfortunately will be missing the stream, but I have my reasons. Brothers to visit, checks to cash, Star Wars: Rogue Ones to see…
But I’ll happily throw on the archive when I practice KilGIR!

Can’t wait to watch! (when my boss isn’t looking lol).

Guessing we’ll get pricing details, maybe find out when the next skin pack drops. Wonder if they’ll talk about the crimson guardians, the owl guardian, maybe give a slight tease for character two even? Even just saying character 2’a name perhaps?

Doubting the last parts, for sure, as I’m guessing this is mainly a Kilgore show, which is certainly awesome none the less and very much appreciated. Can’t wait to see what he can do beyond my laughable skills. :slight_smile:

I just wish that we could get some sort of idea what the overall big picture plan is for KI. Does this three character group and skin packs mark a permanent shift away the seasonal model, is this just an experiment in content delivery, or a cool, sort of in-between season package to keep us tied over until the next season or is this the end and from here on, it’s smaller updates and bug fixes?

I love watching KI move forward, but it’d be nice to get a bit more of the road map, if at all possible, if only so we know it’s at least not that last option above. Not because I feel entitled to it or any BS like that, just to be clear. More just so I can know something a bit more concrete. Just the bare bones of the outline. Would that be possible?