Kilgore Walkthrough with Iron Galaxy

I just got the achievement and the dossier for crimson ram like yesterday or the day before.

There are new achievements? I have looked everyday, and I don’t see any new ones

What are the crimson guardians ?

Me too DX

@TheKeits give us season 4 :smiling_imp:


Darn shame gotta clock mi GPU D:

Hopes you guys clarify what are these 3 new characters are they part of s3 or Dlc or maybe s4 ?

I’ve tried playing Kilgore and liked his battle style but I felt something wrong with him such the explosive transportation? What it useful for ?

Anyway, I’m waiting for the Stream : )

Crimson Guardians are hinted at in the Shadow Lords Dossiers. The’yre a tier above Perfect Killer. For example, the Crimson Fractured Ward provides armor that negates ALL damage rather than a percentage.


I hope with Kilgore we get a bit more news on the upcomign features but I won’t hold my breath I’ll try my best not to miss it!

Maybe you can make your guardian crimson for a match if you use multiple charges at once (perhaps all five). Or they can be a super rare drop from the packs…

Perhaps they are only available to the cpu to make them harder, since godlike at the moment is a walkover with the right items/guardians…

Also hope we hear some more about the mask of the ancients…will there be a Spinal storythread in SL soon? Maybe in preparation of the fourth member of the conspiracy vs the babylonian king, or the king himself, maybe the made a bargain for his soul to punish the four and changed into a lovecraftian monster…

Well this is exciting news. :slight_smile:

From James Goddard’s twitter:

“Guaranteed you want to watch this to also hear important news & more! #PlayKI

Actually, the free time I have in school may just allow me to see the whole thing.

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Study halls last THAT long in school these days? Heh, things have changed since i last went…

Besides Kilgore gameplay, obviously we are going to know about his pircing and probably the other characters price/release


Actually, it just so happens I have 3 different periods in a row where I get to do absolutely nothing.

Advisory -> 5th Period Study Hall -> Lunch


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of course its exactly when my shift begins, typical.

Do we know who made Kilgores theme? Is it Atlas Plug and Celldweller or someone different?


Sign me up for the “catching the archive” list; sadly I will be at work when this starts.

I was already looking forward to just a Kilgore walkthough; whatever extra announcements or info they have to share will just be a sweet bonus!


OMG work just told me they where overscheduled so they told me to come in late, which means I can actually catch the stream!

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