KI Merchandise Battle - Round 2 - Replicas of In-Game Items OR Art Books!


That’s the trick though. Not everyone deserves something.


I was thinking the same. Maybe they mean “statues”?


Didn’t even know there was an official merch thread :frowning: Really frustrated about that.

Voting on what remains to see what happens though.


Too bad the bracket isn’t double elimination. Some of the choices look like if they were paired up differently the outcomes would be different (ex. cups/mugs would likely win over stickers or necklaces/bracelets)


I would like both items but overall I would get more use out of a drinking cup or mug. I have a gazillion posters but as i get older they just arent as important anymore…but coffee is!


Cmon who’s voting for posters?
I want mugs!!


Aww man, looking ahead… Can we have an art book AND plushies? Don’t make them face off in a battle to the death. :cry:

I’d honestly take both of those over a shirt or stickers. Nothing against those ideas by any means. Those would be cool too. I just like the idea of an art book or plushies even more.

Anyways, some interesting options there overall. Hope we see all of them in some form!

Especially those mugs… #Stillmuggin


Yeah, every kid at sometime in their lives decides they want wall to wall posters of all their favorite stuff, until one day they wake up & realize “You know what? Having wall to wall posters is really tacky.”


Except me. Wall to wall KI posters will always be glorious! <3


With 60% of the score, Posters has moved onto the 2nd Round!


And with that, our next 1st Round Merch Battle begins!

Hats OR Statues/Figures



Statues please! Been waiting for that ARIA one for a while now. Same with Sadira.


As cool as the statues are I’ll have to vote hats.

Edit: Unless it’s a statue of Gargos, omen, shago, izzik, and dretch about to square off against jago, orchid, maya, TJ, Kim, and tusk in all out battle.


Figures by far. :stuck_out_tongue:


I see “Collections Bundle” What is that exactly?


Awh. I wanted mugs :cry::cry:
I voted figures but surely we already get these from ultimate source. Maybe hats is the way for this round.


think link will get more attention if you update the title per round and add new link to the first post.


Good suggestion, added it to the OP!


Man i would have been keen for a KI mug :cry:
Also i can’t access the new poll. Is it browser specific?


Try it now, should be fixed