KI Merchandise Battle - Round 2 - Replicas of In-Game Items OR Art Books!

Nothing like some puns to brighten ones day.

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Anything is good. As long as it has Cinder on it :smiley:

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I suggested that one in the merch thread, hopefully it goes all the way.

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That sounds pretty hot.

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I want a Chibi Kim Wu plushie so bad. :blush:

Can you imagine how cute it would be?

Or a Chibi Hisako plushie! :heart_eyes:

I’d be so down to buy that in a heartbeat…


Alright so the only way that cups/mugs would be better than posters is if there’s one of those temperature sensitive ones with Cinder on it that when the temperature is high enough, the words “I’m just too HOT!!” appear :joy:


What it should say is “TOO HOT!!!”

I’d buy a plushie ARIA and sadirra though.

Love the idea here! Good call, whoever thought of this. :slight_smile:

For the first one, I went mugs over posters. Don’t really have a too us want to put up posters in, but I definitely have cupboards that I can put mugs in. Just seems like a collectible I’d actually use as opposed to a collectible that would probably end up in a closet somewhere. Kinda dig that.



I’d give my first-born son for a Fulgore plushie.

…I said that wrong…forget I said “for”.


Had to go with posters, love a lot of the artwork for KI and would definitely hang it on my walls.

“TOO HOT!!!” would be a good thing for that lol

Ohhh noooo. you’d sell out your own flesh and blood for a fulgore plushie. It’s ok…ultratech has that attraction noone else can give.

heavy stress on that one.

No need to vote. We all know that a fightstick/controller is going to 3-0 every other category. FREE!

Oh no no no, we ain’t stressing. Your child, for a fulgore plushie.

Plushie or child, make your choice.

Ok, I know this is like a SL decision, and it’ll probably come back to haunt me later, but if I had to choose, I’d pick the kid.

…sorry Fulgore plushie, @Thunderb3E is more important.

You choose to pick the child. The child stares blankly at you while you stare at it. Reflecting on your decision you carry the child in your arms and head back to HQ. Leaving the plushie on it’s pedestal all alone.

Corruption has increased across the world!

! New quest mission unlocked!


I’d like to point it that Figures, pins, and T-shirts are already being made… But I won’t tell you how to vote of course

By refusing to cooperate with your comrades a curse has been set upon you.

You have taken damage!

Your playboy privileges have been sealed!

Corruption has spread throughout asia!

! New quest mission unlocked!

A little bit of everything would be better so there would be something for everyone. But I know it’s not that easy.