KI Merchandise Battle - Round 2 - Replicas of In-Game Items OR Art Books!


Hey everyone!

Over the past month, we’ve asked the Community to weigh in and let us know what kinds of Merchandise was your favorite. The results are in! But now, we need the Community’s help once again. We need everyone to let us know which would be the BEST if it was made into Killer Instinct Merch!

In the Competitive spirit of KI, we are going to gather the results TOURNAMENT STYLE! A tournament bracket has been created and the Merch ideas were placed in no particular order.

The bracket can be found here:

Each day, a Strawpoll will be created to allow everyone in the Community to decide which of the two items will move onto the next round. Each Strawpoll will last for approx 24 hour. Once a winner is determined, the results will be shared and a new Strawpoll will be created for the next two in line. We will continue to do that Daily until a final winner is determined!

With these results, we will learn which KI Merch you the Community want the most. There will not be any guarantees that if any one certain Merch idea gets far, that it’ll get made. We are just gauging the interest for each (in a fun kinda way!).

Hope everyone enjoys and be sure to vote on your favorite daily so it moves on in the bracket!

Updates can be found either in this Thread or directly through the KI Twitter.


Without delay, your 1st Round bracket challenge is up!

Cast your vote to help determine which Merchandise item you’d like to see move onto the 2nd round, either Posters OR Cups/Mugs!


Awesome! I voted for posters, not really a huge fan of dishes. :stuck_out_tongue:


A hisako poster would be great…though one where she is being calm, not her usual scary face :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol. This is hysterical. Ggs KI team. Definitely I’m voting posters over mugs. Mugs are cool, but I could find room in the man cave for a KI poster.

Eh, who needs a poster when you have a KI arcade cabinet? I’d much rather prefer to have a Fulgore hyperbeam temperature sensitive coffee mug!!

…just imagine this, but with the hyperbeam.


This seems fun! I like it! Lol I’m going Posters for round one! Can’t wait to see what results come out.

This is a GREAT idea! More merchandise is welcomed :slight_smile:

Posters seem like something that’ll eventually be made regardless, Mugs/cups feel like the wiser choice here.

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Voted for cups, seems like those would last longer.


I need a KI coffee mug in my life. If it gets outvoted, I’ll have to make my own lol.

Huh, this is actually pretty cool. I’ll be voting on the polls for sure!

I want KI replicas!!!

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Patience son, we ain’t voting on that yet…

pretty interesting Idea I like it.

funko pop figures… kreygasm please let all these things come true

Very nice, But why not just do all of the round 1 votes at once? It would go much quicker!

(By that i mean, put 8 Straw Polls out at once, 1 for every Matchup in “Round 1”. Then do the same for every consecutive round. That would complete the competition in 4 days.)

Yeah… But I really want to get KI weapons! I’ve been waiting for 3 years…

Oh lawd…

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I’d honestly love a custom controller. The gears of war controller looks really good. Now imagine what they could do with a ki themed controller. So many KILLER possibilities.