KI Merchandise Battle - Round 2 - Replicas of In-Game Items OR Art Books!


Shoes/socks vs necklaces/bracelets


Hmmmmm I would like some ultratech shoes, but a bracelet or a necklace from UT would be nice.


Hisako’s floral pattern on a pair classic Puma Clyde’s would be nice.


Thanks. You always were the man!



Is the collector’s edition bundle…like…all the seasons’ or something? I’m not quite sure what that means.


Oh no, that IS an ill-fated battle! I love both of those things too. :[ All of these have been pretty hard for me to pick, though, I just want it all…


I have the madcatz KI fightstick so I went CE, but, if I didn’t have the fightstick I would have been all over it!


I greatly prefer special editions over disposable controllers.

Special editions can have art books, patches, stickers, figures, anything. Controllers wear out and break.


Controllers are also collectibles in themselves. I have both the Halo 3 controllers in their original packaging.


True, I have a few collectable controllers too but I still prefer collectors edition packages with a plethora of varied content over yet another overpriced controller I probably won’t want to use if I buy.


I voted controller, if they do make some, I hope they’re wired.


Have the spartan Halo 3 controller still also…well technically the only part that’s still the original is the front plate, since I wore “that” controller out 2 times over.


I fully intend to purchase a physical edition of the game when it’s complete and they’ve confirmed it’s done, but if we’re talking about something I’d be more interested in buying right now, at this moment, a controller would definitely fit the bill simply due to the fact that I already have the game and a S1-S3 version is already coming out.

A bundle sounds great down the road, but it’s not something I’d want any time soon.


It’s a shame that fight pads and collectors edition bundles are going up against each other as I want them both!
My vote goes for fight pads though. Would love to own a complete set. My most wanted item from all the brackets.


HEY GUYS IM NOT DEAD :'D! Hope everyone are doing well.

100% YES for the artbook! Would love to check out the “behind the scenes” concept art for all characters~!!

Would love to have dolls/plush too buuut not sure if that vote would advance ._.


Who said you are dead?.. XD


We need to spam the Plushies!


Please :sob:



ARIA plushie or bust.