KI Character Frame Data Spreadsheets Inside

Here’s the link: Frame Data Spreadsheet for KI (2013)

You can also use: and it takes you there as well.

Note: You can sort Columns by mousing over the letter at the top, then clicking on the down arrow. Selecting “Sort Sheet A->Z”, from this drop down menu, will put lower numbers at the top, and “Z->A” will have higher numbers at the top.

The shadow moves aren’t final (they are subject to change) because I’m not quite sure how to count the “Freeze” and “Release” frames of the startup.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to comment. Also, if you’d like to help with counting frames, Click on this link to see how.

List of completed characters:
Shadow Jago
General RAAM


Id like to help. Please let me know your method.

I have a question. How is it they standing LP is start up of 5 when it can combo from a forward HK

He’s listing the first active frame as part of the start up, so it’s actually four frames of start up and then it’s hitting on the fifth frame hence why it links after the HK.

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Correct. This is known as the Street Fighter way of counting frames. Also, I haven’t completed the Advantages portion. Those are place holders from the ingame Attack Data UI. I filled this all out before I started counting frames from recorded videos I made. I’m still going through and replacing them when I see something that doesn’t match up with my data.

Here is the link to the post I just made regarding how I’m counting frames.

I hope you enjoy the read. :slight_smile:


I’ve bookmarked this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks for the efforts!

Great. That’s what I suspected. Thanks for clarifying.

Ah OK thank you sir!

Just updated OP with what I have of Sabrewulf’s frames so far.

I find it funny shadow moves follow the “modern” style of frame data. As in the screen freeze and post freeze startup is what you get for startup. As opposed to regular moves that use the old style of frame data for startup frames (tiger fury is listed as a startup of 2 active on frame 3 etc etc).

The shadow moves listed in Jago’s sheet are taken from the game so that I could set up a layout for how most characters’ sheet will work.

I’m not sure I follow modern vs old.

The modern style is listing a combining the first active frame with the startup frames of a move.

Example, ryu’s shoryuken in SF5 is listed as 3f startup. That 3rd frame is also the first active frame. giving it the illusion it starts up in 4 frames).

Whereas jago’s tiger fury starts up in 2 frames and active on the 3rd frame (same as ryu’s but it’s worded differently is all).

KI follows the older style of startup frames combining with active frames etc etc. Nothing major.

I’ll have to take your word on it.

That’s what I learned through the years among other things.

Just a clarification for why I decided to list it this way.

It’s much easier to look at Jago’s f.HK on hit advantage and see 5, and then also see a start-up of 5 on his jab, and understanding those must link. Instead of looking for a start-up with 1 less frame than the advantage.

It just means you don’t have to do as much math.

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KI(2013) is really where I started appreciating the competitive aspects of fighting games. I used to play SC3, and MK:D a lot but mostly for the story. Then even younger than that, KI was my first fighting game on Snes, then my mom bought me Rise of the Robots. I was ruined on fighting games forever after RotR.

I didn’t get into fighters on a technical level until…5 years ago? Yeah, took me months to fully understand how they work on a basic fundamental level.

No I follow. Thanks or clarifying :slight_smile:

@Ziarist - Thanks so much for this mate. This is god’s work you’re doing.