KI Character Frame Data Spreadsheets Inside

Hermes work. God’s work is finally getting some R34 ARIA on the net. THAT"s god’s work. The message is equally as important the messenger however.

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Glacius is ready. Take a look in the OP for link.

Thunder is up next. His move list is already in there.

New update: You can now type in and it will open the document.

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Looks like the frame data is blank for Orchid.

Correct. I’m working on Thunder at the moment.

This is an “In Progress” post.

Thunder finished, moving to Shadow Jago.

TFW Shago takes up 100 rows:

Damn you @TheKeits !!!


Good stuff, i started something similar a while ago, but kinda missing the time to complete it. So really nice work.

After looking through the Thunder page i saw you still have S2 ender properties. There is no hard knockdown for the call of the earth and the ankle slicer ender anymore in S3. Only Enders that are hard knockdowns are the sammammish enders and shadow cote.

You might wanna consider to list frame data of linkers and auto doubles aswell. Knowing the frame advantage on hit on linkers and auto doubles helps you to invent reset situations during combos.

Other than that good work, appreciate the effort.

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About to go to bed, so I’ll keep this short.

Unfortunately, that was me being lazy. I’m gonna go back and go over it, I just wanted it to look complete before I had to do stuff. That information was me just going off the top of my head, from what I remembered.

This is planned, but I wanted to get the “easy” stuff out for each character before I dove in deep with them. That is going to take so much time, and is going to require me to add more columns to each sheet.

Thanks for commenting though. I really appreciate someone keeping me in check. If you have any more criticism, I welcome it warmly.

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I just found something interesting. I was wondering if you knew about this @Infilament . If you whiff Shago’s DP while standing, the surged version is a really tight frame requirement. For instance, if I just tap LP as fast as I can with one finger, I can hit it every 8 frames, and the surged version won’t come out. If I plink LP>MP I can do it in 4 frames and it will come out. Feels a little too tight, but maybe that’s just me.

Yeah I knew about that. It’s definitely a bit weird, but it’s because the blockstop (or hitstop) of the move will slow it down, giving you more frames to surge it. On whiff, the surge window just goes by really quickly. I think they didn’t want it to be possible to not surge on reaction to a blocked DP, so they made the window small.

I was thinking about that last part too. Maybe it’s just a product of the way this engine has Blockstop/Hitstop setup, but I would think they’d be able to separate the requirements to make the whiff window a little longer on whiff. 1st world problems.

Shadow Jago is not only frustrating to fight against, but also to count frames for. So many instances of Red Boxes disappearing for 2-4 frames then reappearing for 2 frames. Complicated as balls. #KeitsPlz

Almost done with Shago. Just 3 more special moves to go.

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New update coming soon. Sorry for my absence. I was at EVO and just now had time to sit down and do stuff. That being said, I updated the characters who had their frame data changed in the last patch, that I had done.

Shago is almost done so I’ll continue there. I’ve been given Cinder and Spinal frame data sheets and will incorporate those once I determine if it’s using SF notation or KI notation.


Me, when my only cord for my controller breaks:

I’ll be getting a new one soon, but it’s unknown how soon. I don’t have a job, so I’m relying on charity atm.

Middle of the night update.

Friend lent me his wired 360 controller so I was able to finish Shadow Jago and Sadira tonight. Started on Orchid as well.

Just a reminder, all Shadow Moves are place holders until I get some practice counting the startup on shadow moves. For now, I’m just working on the easy stuff.

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Another update!

Orchid and Spinal are finished! Remember, if you see anything wrong or suspect, don’t hesitate to question it. I have no problems double or triple checking my work.

It’s all lonely in here when no one’s talking back. >.<

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I’ll take a look bud lmao

Eh, it’s kinda one of “thankless” jobs. Something you just kinda got to roll with .

I get thanked outside of the forums a lot. Just odd to me that there have been lititle response here. I’d even prefer people calling it poo, than say nothing at all. At least then I know someone else is looking at it.

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Well, then there’s also the fact the frame data is in the game (not 100% correct but yeah.).