KI Character Frame Data Spreadsheets Inside


I guess. That’s the thing that made me want to do this. It’s not 100% correct. I’d rather do the work, and get accurate frame data, instead of relying on devs to either change the numbers themselves, or change how the system counts frames to make it more accurate.


I mean what do I say?


That’s fair.


Honestly, I don’t know. Since I’m so close to this, it’s hard for me to see faults. So I guess, I’d just like criticism.


Only criticism I can give is if I trested. I know this doesn’t sound right, but a lot of popular forumm topics arent gameplay related.


¯\_ (ツ) _/¯


I’ll still give it a look.


Shago’s shadow shendokuken is still listed as 1,9 startup. Which isn’t the case. It’s more in line with jago’s shadow endokuken. I wager 5,2 for a 7f startup since it does punish jago’s heavy wind kick which is -7 on block.

Orchid’s shadow blockade runner (the slide) is has 7 startup frames. 1,6 since jabs beat it.

Also both shadow flik flak and shadow blockade runner are both throw invincible.


I’ll test this when I get some time.

I have it listed as 2,6 would still be punishable by jabs after the freeze.

I’ll check that out.


It also punishes jago’s heavy windkick which is -7.


I’ll take a look at it then. I’m a bit busy right now with family stuff, but I’ll have an update tonight. Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:


I actually think maybe you could forward this to IG (when it’s all down and any future changes canbe made yada yada yada) then they can effectively plant it into the game and viola. Correct data for everyone easily.


Honestly, I’d have no problem with doing that, but they probably have a system in-game that “reads” the frame data of the move based on what the game sees as startup, active, recovery, on hit, and on block. I’m unsure whether they’d have to either disable that system to make changes or change how the system reads the data.

Either way, if they want the data, I’m happy to allow them access to the document.


Well I’m sure they can edit stuff (well obviously they are the devs and frame data does get added/changed).

I mean you give them the correct data from your hard work, they implement it they look good, you get the credit, everyone has correct frame data, everyone wins.


I’m not saying it’d be impossible. Just that it may be difficult if they have a system that’s dedicated to converting animations to on-screen readable frame data. If there’s a problem with that system, then they’d likely have to either disable it, and enter the changes manually, or fix the system.

Then again, I’m not on the dev team (obviously) so I can’t say for sure. But like I said, I’m happy to provide it to whoever may want it.


Well I think to speed up the process other people should join and get the correct data for their characters. That way, all the labour work is pretty much done and all you have to do is type it in, ask IG if they want it, if they do, give it to them and away we go.


I’ve asked some character specialists, but no one seems to be able to do it, or want to do it. Either because they don’t know me, they don’t like me, or they simply don’t have the time or equipment required to record accurate data.

I don’t know which of those is true, but it’s ok because I’ll get there eventually.


Well actually you don’t need recording stuff (though this method can take longer).

What people can do is just go into a match vs the cpu, do a whole bunch of moves go back to the replay and start counting. It’s a rather slow process but it works. It’s how I got a god chunk of data off lots of moves.

Id’ put the cpu t beginner so you can safely and easily do stuff without too much interference.


I’d rather all the data be gathered from 60fps recorded video with hitboxes turned on to get the most accurate data. I can bust through Startup, Active, and Recovery frames for non-shadow moves within 30min for basic characters and within an hour for the more complex ones.

So a character can take 1 to 2 hours depending on complexity. Eyedol may take 3 hours, but he’s gonna be the last one I do. Aganos may also take 3 hours depending on how his Chunks affect the startup of his moves.


You can turn hitboxes on vs the cpu and it’s still 60f across the board.