If YOU could make the ultimates

This one’s for all of you who don’t like what we got, so I’ll start:

Jago - I like his ultimate but another idea would be for him to hit the opponent with laser sword, launches them into the air and finishes them off with a supercharged endokuken from the ground into the air (imagine fulgore’s beam ultimate but from the ground to the air instead of from air to ground).

Sadira - She launches the opponent into the air, throws webs at them with one of them wrapping around their neck. Sadira proceeds to hang them (by cutting the web), snapping their neck off-screen, all we see is sadira posing with a shadow/silhouette of the hanging opponent swinging.

TJ Combo - TJ punches opponent a few times and finishes them off by 1. snapping their neck or 2. Punches them towards the screen or 3. Takes out a rifle and shoots them or 4. Pulls an arcade cabinet from nowhere and smashes it on the opponent or 5. TJ buries them with tremor.

Riptor - First idea, she impales opponent with her tail and burns them with fire breath, this one could work as comic relief since it implies that she has deadly bad breath lol. Or second idea, riptor hits opponent with fire breath, impales opponent with her tail and electrocutes them. The animation in that one could show the opponents skeleton, similar to characters in street fighter when being hit by blanka’s electricity.

Thoughts? How would you imagine/make them?


Isn’t that what it is already?

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I meant like this one at the beginning:

An alternate for Jago would be basically ripping off a slo-mo Kamehameha instead of a Spirit Bomb.

Sadira: Completely web up her opponent and then have spiders (or the big one) carry the opponent off.

…That’s pretty much all I would perhaps change…maybe.
I gotta be honest, I’m pretty happy with what we’ve got so far.

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I agree with TJ getting the screen smash. That would’ve been the coolest thing, even though I still think his is pretty okay.
Kilgore getting the classic Fulgore head cannon would’ve been cool both as a throwback and so I could say “LET THE HEAD CANNON KICK IT BWEEEEEEEEEEEEH” but I really like it.
Otherwise I have zero gripes thus far.

Now for predictions/hopes…
I’m hoping ARIA gets a tagteam Ultimate ala Noob Saibot or MKX TriBorg.

Sabrewulf: I’m hoping he grabs them,and ground bounces them before hitting them with a Metsu Eclipse in the vein of Ryu’s Metsu Shoryuken from SV4 followed by a big loud roar.

Hisako: She already drags you to the underworld for her stage finisher, so we need to think of something else spooky. She might actually be a good candidate for a screen related finisher since she has the Onryo trope.

Glacius: Freeze 'em solid, Sub Zero style. Bonus points if he takes them to his ship to experiment on them.

Aganos: He buildss up a great big wall, then flicks it and lets it smoosh the opponent.

Mira: A throwback to Sabrewulf’s bat swarm Ultimate from KI2 would be cool.

To be honest his stage ultra is the screen smash…just the screen is in the distance rather than the 4th wall.

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Jago - perfectly fine.

Sadira - I think hers was well thought out. The only criticism I have is in the final blow. Even if it happens off screen, I think a stab to the neck is better than a back- handed slice. She IS a spider, after all, so a stab represents a BITE better than a slash.

TJ - Also fine, but there is a MASSIVE lack in creativity with the camera. The camera ALONE could make his ultimate feel more powerful if it was used with even SOME creativity.

Riptor - Scratch it. Try again.

Kilgore - It seems OK, but the way he grips the opponent is awkward. They undoubtedly had to make some strange decisions to make sure that it worked for ALL opponents, so I’m not upset.

Ultimates don’t need violence. They don’t even NEED action on screen. Minor changes would have helped them a lot , so I am BAFFLED at why they seem so bad right now.

Jago’s was beautiful. A simple use of special moves, but taken to an EXTREME. I really wish they would have kept that pattern, with only a few diversions. Jago’s and Fulgores are amazing. The developers need to stop trying too hard.

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That’s what I was expecting they’d give him since way before.

That would have been really cool too.

I’m thinking aria’s might involve something similar to fulgore’s turret finisher.

Really would like to collab with someone, cause I know some of you are very talented. Would really like to bring them to life. Would look much cooler than how I could explain it, but I had a creepy/sad ìdea for Hisako. She grabs both your hands, the way two people are getting married. She looks in your eyes, and gives you a vision of her life and death, and how she died. Zooms out of the vision and shows Hisako with tears in her eyes, before finally showing the opponent frozen in fear. Collasping to the ground, completely stiff. Sounds weird, but I think if directed the right way, it would be pretty unique.

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I think next time around, the devs just run a quick pole, with 3 options/ultimates to choose from, with no debating, if that’s possible everyone would be Happy.

TJ Combo
Throws a few punches at his opponent then does one last uppricut that sends them hurdling into the sky. He walks away fromt he fight but his opponent lands on the floor head first breaking their neck.

(Personally, I think Riptor’s Ultimate was okay. But here it goes)
Riptor runs to her opponent and throws them down before she jumps up and starts to slash at them with her plasma claes before finishing it off with a tail slam.

Even though we have cool ideas, the team will take their creations in there direction, so sure post your thoughts and after they evaluated our suggestions, and give us a poll based on feedback, and nobody flames, we should be good.

Let the devs feel safe, if they do, Do Not debate them, they want what they can give us.

So pretty much Ghost Rider’s pennance stare, only it’s Hisako’s torment that they see?

…I like it. And it would be fitting for Hisako.

You make it sound like the dev’s don’t listen at all. They honestly do. Take the L4 ender toggle…many of voiced concern when they first showed it off that it might affect gameplay in a negative way, and they added a toggle in a subsequent patch. Also before Eyedol came out many of us stressed how important it was that he was a cycloptic satyr like his original design, and even with the drastic redesign they made, his retro is one of the most faithful to the original. I even recall mentioning how he should be as violent as the barons from DOOM, and wouldn’t you know it one of his retro colors is Baron-themed (pink torso brown legs).
Yes, they’re doing their own thing, but the forum’s feedback is coming through in small ways.

I’m sure they listen, that’s why I think we should find a way to improve/suggest feedback.

Find a way to gain more relevant
Decision making.

Orchid, I’d love a nod to her helicopter kick that was like no other move I’d seen in gaming in the 90s

Hisako envelop you in her hair and ultimately strangle you

Kim Wu I’d have at least 3 dragons combine into one and devour you like a pelican eats fish

Jago I’d love to see a move like forge super from x-men: next dimension

Sadira a super acidic venom vomit

Maya I’d have had her blades chop up a bit more without the static rotating bit but otherwise ok

TJ Combo I’d have 100 flash-like punches and a space shuttle punch into the sky

Spinal breaks bones almost like hisako scream command grab

Aria I’d have her program a digital orb that crystallizes loser

Glacius icicle impale extreme galore

Thunder I actually love his current ultimate

I would keep Jago’s cause I like it.

I would keep Sadiras cause I like it.

I like Riptors but if I did decide to do it, would have her call a pack of stalkers and they all maul her opponnent or I’d keep her old Ultimate, but have her maul her opponent instead of fire-breathing then add a burping noice and cut to Riptor sleeping. Also I’d slow down certain parts to make it more clear.

TJ-I’m with @BblackorchidD on that one.

Glacius: covers the opponent in ice and they shater into tiny particles immediately.

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I have a couple things in mind for Riptor but one that just came to me would be similar to the classic method of raptor kills in Jurassic park… She slowly back you down, starring, hissing, claws up, mouth opening wide, then out of nowhere the camera shows another clever girl running in from the right that pounces, then another from the left side that pounces, and then the camera shows Riptor watching in pleasure, smiling even, while you hear the opponent get eatin alive… No blood or guts needed… And that just came to me within the last 10 min.