Guest characters the final unknown character could possibly be

I’m really excited for this final character being shown, and after the devs said it would be, a completely original character and not a shadowlike one, I speculated that it is most likely guest character, becauseit would bring in more players and a even bigger community. And not to mention make them alot of dough, so the question is who is it? I thought some dumb ideas like darth vader, steve from minecraft, and jhonna dark. What do you guys think?

An entirely new character does not mean guest character.

Rukari already said it’s not a guest.

Time to close the thread.



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Yeah, about that…

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I hope he comes in May. And we get a bonus character in July with the announcement of season 4 for scorpio. :blush:

Kilgore=Jan, Shinsako=Mar, i guess may as well.

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A Goth with a KATANA!


Not a guest so we’re closing this.

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