Who is the 3rd and final DLC character for Season 3+? Will there be a bonus character afterwards?

My two best bets are Joanna Dark or Eagle who is either a new character or an altered clone of Thunder/Fulgore combined??? (or just Thunder)

There won’t be any guest characters filling that last slot so…somebody new or Eagle.

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I was wondering have they disclosed a timeline of when the 3rd character will be revealed?

All they said was “Summer”. That could mean May-August.

Fixed it for you. :wink:


So ya’ll think they’re going to wait all the way until the Summer to release one character? The Spring has just begun.

These are my guesses:

rushdown glacius
the general
babylonian king
wealthy nobleman
the tsar
wendigo creature
arianna (shadow orchid?)
lovecraftian character
sea character
joanna dark (if we get another guest)
magic archer

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Sol Dakuri
Me’rik Deem/Kelvin

I’m personally hoping that eagle is saved for season 4. Retro, stage etc.

Sure. That’s the definition of summer. But I’ve heard ‘summer’ from so many devs, and their release date ends up being in May. I’m betting on June.

Alt boss: Lovecraftian
Alt Omen: Wendigo

Kelvin: is probably a plant, or animal. Glacius and Cinder are extremes. Kelvin is likely based on a livable environment.



If we’re talking likelihood, I’d say Eagle.

What I’d personally like, that human mercenary Cinder.

It is literally impossible for it to be a guest.

And there’s only Eagle remaining to fill in the story coming from the Novella


I can’t believe they used a character slot to remake Hisako with a sword. I would have loved to see Wulf remix’d as the Wendigo people always talk about.

Not…necessarily. There are other named characters that was in the novela. Although I hope they are reserved for season 4