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It’s true some can break it, and have, but for the players who get grabbed easily It might be worth It to throw It out there and see what they do. If nothing, you’ve got like a 28% combo, if they do break it, well, I guess that could be problematic.


For me there are too many cons vs the pros.

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Sure, just don’t mind my lack of precision on inputs. :sweat_smile:

I discovered this combo in my first week playing RAAM and trying to find the correct timing for RAAM’s command grabs because i was whiffing them a lot since i was used to KoF grabs. So i discovered that both the light and shadow version of domination could be linked after a kryll rush. The timing of both are the same but in light version the enemy can escape by jumping and the shadow version they cannot escape but it can be broken. Thought everyone knew this.

Indeed, some times people simply miss the timing or forget to break this, if done in a corner it can put you in high advantage.


Well it’s not common knowledge since you would think it wouldn’t combo. I figured it would when I first saw the frame data but after trying it when he first released I couldn’t so I thought it wasn’t possible. But it obviously is. However there is a chance someone won’t break it but you can say that for any opener ender really.

But after thinking before yeah it does make sense why this would combo since thunder, kim and hisako can all combo off their throws but it’s 10x easier then what raam can do. But it’s still breakable at any point so yeah.

I mean if I were to give a percentage I’d say…that combo has a 10-20% success rate. And the payoff isn’t really high anyway. It’s not something I would practice. If this was S2 then yeah probably but S2 is over.


The reason more don’t know about this is because it honestly shouldn’t work. Logic behind grabs and the fact that kryll rush is a hit and not an opener would make one assume that trying for command grab during the hitstun would fail.


Of course. Different tactics for different people. :slight_smile:


Well, i was always looking for this since the beginning. In my logic grabs should always work during a hit stun, but that’s because i was used to it from other games. Looking in the perspective of KI mechanics i understand your thoughts.


Well throws do combo after hitstun…certain hitstun anyway.


Can raam cancel his pre jump frames with command grab?


I hate to Be that guy that always has questions…but I’m finding that thunder is giving me a hard time now. I should have dvr’d my last couple of matches, but I tend to crouch in my matches as my opponents tend to try to trip (it also makes it easy to anti air in this position), however thunder is able to do his spinning tomahawks. While I’m crouching. If I’m standing, He goes for the ankle chops. I really shouldn’t be having this trouble with him as he’s One of my subs…but I am.

Oh and is Tj combo’s command throw breakable? I tried for 20 missing utes try I g to counter nning it and all I could do was grab him before he got close enough to do it. Only problem is, a human opponent will do it a lot closer.


Thunder’s spinning axes move (triplaxe) isn’t an overhead, so you can crouch block it just fine. He does have an actual overhead though. Ankle slicer should be slow enough that you can react to it. In any case, Raam’s buttons generally outdistance Thunder’s, so you really shouldn’t be letting him walk to within special range on you for free.

Most command grabs aren’t techable once you’ve gotten hit by them, to include TJ’s shoot toss.


Thanks. I think my reflexes are going, haha. Seriously, in theory you’re right, these guys really shouldn’t get that close to me, but I’m still having trouble gauging the distance for his mid kick. I often whiff and leave myself open.

Though on the plus side I must be doing something right now, I’ve beaten several Sadiras in a row, and just this morning had a Kim wu say I had zero skill because I grab And stomped the entire match (which is slightly inaccurate)…simply because I said "good game " and one Saberwulf who managed a comeback got upset because he too couldn’t escape grab n stomp. And an upset Omen who cursed throughout our match.

Sorry, not bragging, just happy that I’m doing a little better now. Thanks for the input, everyone


By “mid kick”, do you mean st.MK, cr.MK, or descriptively, like “mid-section kick” (st.HK)?


Oh I meant crouching mid. I go for a sweep and miss.

I’d also like to use his standing hard kick more–and I have, with mixed results


Personally, I very rarely use cr.MK in neutral - in fact, I tend to have one specific use for cr.MK: a low option after a wallsplat, combo drop>reset attempt or successful Rush. As such, it’s virtually guaranteed to find it’s mark every time (hit or block). Useful for telling the opponent to sit still, and helps set up Grabs later on. In neutral, I find it either too slow or too stubby for effective spatial control, and so tend to stick w MP’s, st.HP, and the occasional sweep (cr.HK).

st.HK is a little trickier. @LeoFerreis has some neat HKD setups with it, but I can’t remember where he posted them. INSX, EX Stab, wallsplat and charged FA can all set it up as well (though how often you’ll be fully charging FA is a different story).


Here you go:

Also, standing heavy kick might be the best meaty in the game (some hyperbole in there). Look at this hot fiyah:

This setup catches both a jump and a backdash with the same timing, since the button is active for 5 frames and has plenty of range. Since it staggers, there’s no need to commit to Decimation and being minus. On hit, it’s easy to link a HP into a full combo. On block, it’s +1 and leaves you in range for light Dominance, not to mention the frame trap you get from cancelling into heavy Decimation or a KDC.

So what's next for Raam?

You can combo that heavy kick with light submission.


This setup catches jump and backdash because it has 5 active frames. This gives this setup a 2 frame window to hit both options.

Fun fact: Cr.MK has 6 active frames, so if you were make a similar setup using Cr.MK instead, the window would be 1 frame wider. However, you’d likely have to commit to cancelling into Decimation since you don’t get a stagger, and it’s not plus on block.

Also, since Cr.MK is so active, you can use it as a meaty and have it combo into medium Decimation, which normally can’t happen (I have a setup for that too).

I think you mean his command grab, right? Yeah, I think that works, but I think that if you ever get the chance to go into a combo with RAAM, you should take it, especially if you have Instinct. A lockout/counter breaker could mean 70% damage. After the HK stagger, it’s pretty easy to confirm with HP into either medium or light Decimation. If your opponent knows that you keep doing HP into medium, you can get an early lockout with HP into light, then boom - 70% damage with Instinct.


Yeah I was looking at this, nice setup, it seemed like you could also just do dash dash I may have been manually timing it though since I just did it during a match.

Similarly after regular grab you can do dash, dash st.m and st.m hits meaty enough to combo into, though sounds like may be even better, if you find the right delay for it. I have some ideas for other tech so I’ll have to check.


From the patch notes:

The inputs for his Ultra and Stage Ultra has swapped. QCF+3K is now the Ultra, and QCF+3P is now Stage Ultra. (This is to help players struggling with getting Kryll Shield Cancels when they wanted Ultras)
Shadow Kryll Rush moves 50% faster across the screen and is now immune to projectiles.
After any successful Kryll Rush, RAAM is now immune to projectiles for the duration of the stab animation. (These two changes makes an absolutely massive difference in battles against zoning characters.)
Decreased the potential damage buildup during Instinct mode by 12.5% (We want RAAM to hit hard, and he still absolutely does, but just ever so slightly less now that he can get in a bit easier.)
Fixed a bug causing Kryll Shield to think that certain projectile types spawned from normal attacks (such as Eyedol Mage HP) were melee hits, which removed the Kryll Shield.
Fixed a bug causing Light Emergence to not have any lower body invulnerability, as it was advertised to have. It still doesn’t have lower body invulnerability on startup, but it does for all of its active frames.
Fixed a bug that allowed RAAM to cancel his Dominance stomps into normals on a specific frame.

Really happy with his kryll rush changes, eager to test it!