General RAAM Gameplay discussion


Thanks for the input. Let me just start by saying. That I typically don’t go for the extended instinct combo, because it’s annoying to me when I have it done to myself. I do that to people who teabag me .

I seldom find myself in a good position to use his instinct so a lot of times I have it by the end; my opponents tend to break my combo before I get it activated, other times I activate it, restart the combo, get broken and they spend the rest of the time running.

I definitely Need to work on my combos, often enough I’m so surprised that I’ve actually gotten a few hits inn that I get dagger happy and drop my combo or give the other guy a chance to break!

And yes, I’ve Had the swarm come out instead of the ultra a couple of times. It is sometimes better to just finish the job.

Here are two more vids. Remember if I instinct ultras they tea bagged me earlier :stuck_out_tongue:


How to capitalize on Kryll Storm, as exemplified by myself:

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^Nice! I obviously need more practice. I’ve Done 75% and 82% but not quite what you did. It’s hard for me to not be predictable with the shank.

Just remembered something that’s been bugging me I’ve noticed sometimes I’m being broken on moves that don’t Correspond with what I’m pressing. For instance, I might Hp, L decimation , M linker, attempt M dominance–and get broken with Hard, and that’s not supposed to Be, right?


It’s entirely possible that you’re holding MP for too long and getting a H Linker.


Ah! You just might be right. I’ll see if that’s the case next time. Thanks

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Whoa, at 1:25 of this video, you comboed Kryll Rush into shadow command grab. What the heck??

Kryll Rush is +4 but… I guess combos after it are possible because Kryll Rush is technically a hit? And shadow grab is 1 frame?

I tried for 10 minutes in training and couldn’t get it to work. For some reason, if you try to input shadow grab after Kryll Rush, you always just get the non-shadow version. And if you try to delay the move a few frames so that you get shadow, it’s too late and doesn’t combo.

I wonder if this is opener-ender breakable (it probably is?). Man, what a weird interaction.


That move, more often than not WON’T come out. I’m not sure why I took that chance. After reading your response I tried that again and could not do it consistently. Like you said, the normal move usually comes out. Sometimes Raam just stands there–very unsafe to try it in a match.

The closest I can figure is wait until they start to recovern, and even then some have jumped out of range.

Now you’ve got me wondering if there’s a trick to it, or is it KI’s version of Ryu’s red fireball from the SF2 Days.


Testing it myself, it looks like there’s no buffer window for shadow grab after kryll window, and for an obvious reason: shadow grab doesn’t combo after. Having the buffer there would be pointless, because any attempt to do immediate shadow command grab (e.g. with non-buffer timing) just whiffs right through them.

Whatever the hell happened here, it’s not a normal interaction.

Honestly, I’m almost as impressed that you even managed to grab hamstring with kryll rush. Most of the time I try to do that it either goes to the other side un-grabbed, or the grab triggers before sabrewulf is grabbable and it just gets hit.


My guess is something to do with the online. Ever played Dragonball xenoverse? If so then you might remember one move (milky cannon one of ginyu’s moves) that ONLY online did it do increased damage and was a multiple hitting move with 3-4 of the shots being invisible. But only online, wasn’t possible offline. Was fixed sometime later. I bet that what happens here that and some lag sprinkled on top. Things can just connect because online.

Didn’t he try to grab hamstring before but whiffed earlier in the video?


Does that shadow grab still land in the replay? If so then it’s a recreatable event and not just some random online goofyness since online issues don’t play out in the replays.


I remember that. That was so annoying XD


Care to try it? My golem is ready. :slight_smile:

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Rolled outta bed not too long ago. Lemme get coffee brewin’ and hygienated, maybe 20 mins or so?

Recently changed ISP, so hopefully my connection issue shouldn’t be so bad.


Ooh, a new ISP? I hope that has a more positive effect on my end as well. :slight_smile:


I do this all the time, it will always connect. The problem is, it can be countered with hP+hK and most high level players already know that.


That’s what you call a 1 frame link. But since it’s an opener ender it’s more or less a waste to do since well…it will get broken instantly once done. So it’s not an online only glitch then. That’s good to know, just the timing is super tight. Makes sense.

Which actaully begs the question. Is Raam really +4 after kryll rush or only +1?


I think it’s a little less simple than a 1f link? If it was just a 1f link, we wouldn’t get weird instances where EX input yields meterless grab (despite using 3P macro), or EX Grab comes out but whiffs through the hitstun. It certainly looks like a 1f link, but I think there’s probably more to it than just timing. My problem is, I can’t fathom what.

@KodaiYoung Could we maybe get a vid with inputs displayed? Maybe there’s some weird pseudo-SJC type deal going on? I’ve tried this for near an hour and haven’t landed it once, so I feel like there is an important factor I am totally missing.


Eh, maybe it’s a bug. I dunno, but at the end of teh day it’s not worth doing since it’s an opener ender anyway.

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That’s the truth. I’m not trying to add it to my arsenal, I just don’t like not understanding things. I want to understand it with unreasonable intensity.


I still say it’s a one frame link. I mean it COULD be a cancel. Or just a bug.