General RAAM Gameplay discussion


No excited at all. But it’s better than nothing.


How are you not excited? They literally fixed everything wrong with him.


Kryll rush now CAN BE USED(sometimes)!

Really nice change, I really want to see it

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The Shadow Rush is really good now. It’s active frames are projectile immune so that means he can actually grab a Cinder while he is doing inferno.


From what I tested against jago and shago’s fireballs, a good read can punish a fireball at almost half a screen away. Against glacius it punishes multiple hails like a breeze (even simply double hail, at almost full screen, with a good read), it goes through minions and portal punches. Seems like a very good tool now, if used properly, and a very good reward for proper reads.

They basically changed everything the character needed changed, IMO. loved it.


I need to test this stuff out. Still think I’m going to have trouble with TJ And HISAKO though.

Also, I’m. Having trouble logging onto the site via Windows pc. No idea why. Can get on with android though.


Uh how does Raam fight mira, she can air dash and run away the entire game with free pressure after bats. It honestly feels like there is nothing you can do.

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she doesn’t have a reversal that doesn’t cost health. also most of the time heavy emergence will beat her air dash in after light bats. The big thing is that raam will win a ton of matchups he should lose due to his opponents hanging themselves by going in on him because no one wants to spend all their time picking away with projectiles

Got nothin on os for mist form though


The mira would wait until the bats put me in blockstun and she would get in freely via airdash. She would air dash to escape the corner or back air dash to run away and then even baiting out the wakeup mist I might hit her with a normal and thats about it. It felt extremely skewed if the mira knows what they are doing, unless Im missing something.


Usually when i fight mira i just jump the bats and when in middle range i try to reach with kryll rush. If they start to use the heavy and medium bats i block, by the time she try to open you, the damage on her life bar will be already so heavy that some throws and a well placed combo will do the job.


Were you by chance playing me? I feel like it might have been me. I was learning to use her and knew that his distance game isn’t the best against characters with mobility and projectiles.


I have no clue, I just know this Mira knew how to run and when Raam didn’t have options. It was very safe gameplay.


She can anti air you if you jump over light bats from what I’ve see


Well depending on which button she would jump in with after throwing bats and how far away she was you could absorb the bats then backdash, absorb the bats and her jump in attack, block the bats and emergence her jump in, and while i haven’t fought a Mira in the newest patch i would assume the new shadow kryll rush would be fast enough to catch her long summon animation from decent screen lengths.


I’ve had similar problems too. Most Miras get stomped to death or kill themselves, but I’ve encountered at least two who get on top of me, throw the bats, and are able to dash away during blockstun. Made it impossible (for me) to really do anything

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What do you all do off bear grab. Now that it’s getting more use since it’s a good option against projectiles, as well as just throwing it out randomly during block strings, i think it’d be good to share what you do.

Theres the obvious grab or low, but it’s so risky since you cant really hitconfirm(maybe if youre fishing for a counterhit with s mp?) and if they guess right you’re kinda screwed. backdash also poses another issue but i guess you could do c lk for a low and then s hp to catch their backdash

i wonder if it’s too much if it soft knockdowned instead

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most people i fight like to jump after the bear hug, so I anti air with downHP until they stop jumping. after that, like you said, i either mp for the combo or command grab.


By bear grab do you mean the rush?