Gargos is annoying to fight


I have a pretty good match with my Sadira vs Hot1ava’s Gargos…i’ll see if i still have the recording. if i do i’ll post


I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, but Sadira has air projectiles that the minions can’t block…


The MU is actually a lot easier to manage now that Gargos has been beefed and Sadira has been buffed.

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Really? I havent played any Sadira since the last patch but i was sure that the MU was still in Gargos favor because of his heavy portal punch.
Can you tell me how easy/hard/ is the match up for Sadira since the patch?


When fighting Gargos, I stay grounded until I’m within a few feet from him. I’ll then start tiger kneeing web attacks until I get an opening.

Sadira has to stay grounded at a distance because any far jump in will be answered with a portal punch. Just out of throw range though, Gargos struggles to control her, unless he has minions.

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As Gargos, I would never say that my best tool is H. Portal punch

I would choose j. HK.

That thing it’s just unbeatable. If Sadira is close enough and jumps, score this and throw her fullscreen.


Yes it’s a hard grind man, I agree I love the game but I just can’t play that damn much. Even if I’m on a hot streak, I’ll stop playing after 6 matches or so.


Just a quick FYI, with Eyedol being added to Shadow Lords, he’s pretty much a Gargos/Omen killer with his added ability, so if anyone is still struggling try using him. My first test run with Eyedol vs Gargos was pretty fun. He just destroyed Gargos. Minions, portal punches…all useless. I will admit though, he did have a killer SL gem and attack/defense nanobot buffs, but dang…Gargos just got straight up pwned.


Gargos just comes across as cheap to play against. Even when you beat him. Not fun.


If you don’t do any labwork, don’t block on wakeup, can’t punish DP’s, and can’t meaty, then yes, Gargos can seem cheap. (Or are you talking about SL Gargos? Cuz that’s a different story)

If you play fighting games and are more than 40% awake, Gargos is sort of annoying, but free.

I thought we’d all done our homework and moved past the “Gargos is hard!” crying, a lot of it in this very thread whose name became satirical but nobody reads threads that are 300+ posts long, they just read the title and assume the thread is a repository for baseless whining.

Do we need a “how to beat Gargos” thread? I want to think KI players are better than that…

So, @ManiacalSpore68, how can we get you past this Gargos issue? Being free to the second (or perhaps first, depending) worst character in the game has got to be frustrating. Moreover, it should be FUN to wreck a hopping gargoyle in a fighting game (it’s kinda like playing a platformer for a minute! if only we could kill the minions by jumping on them!) What issues are you having? What character do you play?


*Sees somebody complaining about Gargos

Go try Guilty Gear or BlazBlue. After playing those games, Gargos doesn’t seem annoying to fight at all



This really isn’t fun anymore. I am sort of tired of walking people thru this matchup, but I do it to myself, so I guess I can’t complain… I do it for love of the game!



F*** you Peacock


Nah, it’s ok to struggle agaisnt some characters.

I mean, some people can’t accept facing zoning. I have been leveling up Kilgore, and in one week, I got 5 messages from people complaining about me zoning them(And, as far it goes for KI, without counting these, maybe I recieved 10-12 messages complainig about my characters in all my KI experience, so it’s a pretty damm big number in so short space).

Even when people have life lead and insist into going again and again and again through my bullets, instead of blocking them for 0 damage. Because these people just wants to attack, they just can’t stand 6 seconds without performing an attack.

Gargos(among others) is well suited to frustrate impatient players. Impatient players will always hate him

Another good one!

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You have a point, Dayv0.

I just see these all these poor souls sitting still and letting themselves get “zoned” by PP and crying because they can’t act in the 42 frame window he is handing them, and they can’t meaty so they let him get up for free. They think “anti-air” means you have to stay grounded, so they let him fly away free off of blocked Crushers, or they get counterhit by M.Crusher when they press cr.HP… it’s like an ASPCA commercial at this point…

Sorry, just occurred to me that you don’t have to suffer that crap in northern Spain. YouTube an ASPCA commercial, and grab a box of tissues. You’ll understand.

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Oh god, It was a trap! Why did you do this to me!

Know I want to hug my dogs :’(

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I warned you about the box of tissues, man. It wasn’t cuz crying makes me feel sexy.


Oh god, ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan singing “Angel” is an immediate channel changer for me, and I have two shelter dogs. It makes me feel guilty, like I need to adopt 5,000 more lol.

As for the Garbos fight, I’ve been using Sadira a lot in the last month or two and that’s a matchup she really struggles with IMO. She’s at her best while in the air and any Garbos worth his salt knows how to punish any character for flippity flopping around, whether it be wings, portal punches, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a winnable matchup. But for me, and this has been largely through the help of others on this board and their advice, I’ve had to completely change the way I fight with her for this one matchup. I have to think “ground first,” which is so at odds with what Sadira is and what she does well. Way more blade demons and recluse, far less widows bite.

The problem is that it’s still hard for her to get in on him, and one false move and you’re either in a combo or you’re smacked back across the screen. I honestly think that Thunder has an easier time getting in on Gargos than Sadira does (provided he can give himself a dash and use it at the right time).

So to me, it’s a bad matchup for her and I’m honestly at a loss for what might help her without throwing off her balance. Maybe extending the length of heavy blade demon? Or perhaps giving you a low attack that you can cancel in to off of blade demon? I dunno.

Either way, it’s fine. Some characters just have flat out bad matchups. Again, I hesitate to call any of them unwinnable, but there’s still a small part of me that hopes Sadira will get something that allows her to compete better with Gargos, even if the idea of giving a character something just for one single matchup is downright laughable. :slight_smile:


I love this phrase.

Sadira is something of a special case for Gargos, yes, so if The Tears That Revived This Thread plays Sadira, sorry for my brashness, check the Sadira subforum wherein there should be more useful info on this particular MU.


Sadira doesn’t need to be changed in any way because she has a tough time against one of the games worst characters. The notion isn’t laughable because it isn’t funny - it’s dangerous. Hell, look at the entire American FGC. The “Land of the Free” jokes that have spread globally since our hobby met the Internet stem directly from the tendency to complain and suggest and wish rather than improve and collaborate.

Sadira struggles bad against Gargos. The answer is for the Sadira’s to get together in session and devise strategies and tech to subvert his advantage and create disadvantage to capitalize on, not for H.Spin to move farther or become a new mixup tool.

My greatest wish for this game is that 3.7 is a massive balance patch that finalizes things and just let us learn the damn game. Fix the bugs, tell the criers to hush it, and we’ll figure out the rest (until 6-9 months after a character drops, because despite what dookie falls out of Rico’s mouth, we don’t know SHXT about a character for a good long while). Hell, just look at Gargos and Eyedol. Gargos had a couple bugs at launch, and Eyedol had a degenerate button [& INSX EX.DP], but the outcry from the unwashed masses was such that both characters got absolutely destroyed by the nerf warhead, and here we are today - people call Gargos “Garbos” and still complain about his level because it’s easier than labbing, and there’s all these old complaints to resonate with so he must just be bullshit.

Seems like nobody really complains about Eyedol anymore, but he has an easily understood kit and is barely a threat. He’s still interesting, but his best stuff was deleted and he was left with a complete and okay kit. Yay.


Eyedol jump+HP and nigh-unpunishable instinct shadow DP were degenerate and needed to be nerfed. Just saying.