Fulgore still too OP, nerf that sucker once more again!


if ($tacolord > $xnine2ninex) {
echo “tacolord chugs a beer and goes on about fulgore not being op”;
} elseif ($tacolord == $xnine2ninex) {
echo “tacolord chugs a beer and ponders a fulgore nerfeageddon”;
} else {
echo “tacolord chugs a beer and says fulgore is his favorite character”;

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So ur basically saying your afraid to challenge me.
And yep i do get a lil better to when i drink but then after too many drinks i get really ■■■■■■ lol.

What other characters do u main so i can go to their forum page and create a post that ■■■■■ on that character just as you are here


Calm down. Dont argue about this… -___-


Other than these two specific examples, all you’ve said so far is that you want to see him nerfed (seemingly in a big way given that you’re using words like nerfageddon and nerfathon or whatever). But you keep bringing up Keits and how you hope he nerfs him but there’s not a whole lot to go on here.

I think most people would agree that Fulgore’s at or near the top of the heap, but you’re saying that he’s so far ahead of everyone else that he needs to be brought down hard. Okay, so how would you do this?

It’s easy to say that you want to see Keits hit him with the nerf hammer but as a Fulgore player, how would you like to see them go about doing this in a way that would still make him fun to play, but not too far ahead of the pack? Mind you, I’m not telling you that you’re wrong or arguing. I’m not a Fulgore main. I’m just curious how a Fulgore main would like to see this handled properly.

So are you saying that you think he should be nerfed hard? Same question that I highlighted above. What’s the right way to go about bringing him back down to Earth a little, at least in your mind?

Had to highlight this here because I agree 100%. I don’t want to see characters become less powerful, I’d rather see more characters become more powerful. Now I say that I’m not arguing with the people above regarding Fulgore and I’m not. I don’t main him, so I don’t know what the proper way to nerf him would be.

But I can’t help but think that in an ideal scenario, characters near the bottom might be brought up to his level either by damage buffs, frame adjustments, new moves… Whatever it takes.

Great post there all around, man. I enjoyed reading it.


We’ve played before man, you have yet to win…


Lmao just adapt bruh stop complaining about characters

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you got it dood


I recall beating you b4, uv beat me too though. Well i gotta go dont have to time to start throwing salt everywhere lol, i still challenge you and lets post the vid up here but if u dont want too its cool no hard feelings. hmu anytime


sure, im down

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To be honest i remember when i went to evo 2015 at san antonio and asked keits why he nerfed fulgore and even he said he was too op at the time. fulgore has had adjustments since then but who knows maybe if we were to release our gameplay videos they will nerf him again lol, im still down to throw rounds with anyone tho. My GT: TACO_L0RD


I’m fine with fulgore on where he is now. I don’t think he needs yet more nerfs if they come they need to be simple adjustments and not detrimental.

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I think I’m gonna puke.


I agree with your sentiment > - >


People keep calling for nerfs rather than learning how to beat him. He doesn’t need anymore changes, the people struggling to beat him need changes.


Exactly! If anyone needs help learning the gore or if u wanna fight me with ur mains so u can learn how to counter fulgore id be more than happy. I can show u how i know ur characters weaknesses and what weaknesses i have against them so u know what to capitalize on


Instead of nerfing Fulgore more, just buff everybody else.


Buff the General plz IG :blush:

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damn taco lord. ur set ups are f’ed up. lol but if I had to bet…id bet on 9x9.

now I’m gonna run away before the Godzilla like destruction starts.

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Is that a challenge i hear shellshock, Tell me what day and what time. nine2nine why u hiding behind him.

Damn right godzillas gonna reign down on this ■■■■■.

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Not only that but there’s a thread somehwere on this Fulgore Forum where people can come and ask how to beat him. Because it seems funny to me that no one is going there sekeing advice. We got people looking to help you guys why don’t you ask instead of ranting?

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