Fulgore still too OP, nerf that sucker once more again!


Here’s the deal folks, unless IG is nerfing things that is obviously overpowered, you can’t keep nerfing Fulgore. Part of the reason he’s so powerful is his inherent design. Unless IG actually changes him in full, you’re beating a dead horse by asking for additional nerfs.


lol. just an FYI the original poster mains fulgore and he wants a nerf cause he goes like 30/0 W–L. fulgores just to sick. I agree and main only one character, guess what? it’s the bot :blush:

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who,me challenge you. ha, nope. I’m a complete wuss :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know… I read his original post. I still find it silly that he wants to nerf a character because he’s winning a lot of matches. In most cases it has less to do with the character and more to do with the fact that he’s getting the right reads.

I also main one character and it is Sadira. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why aren’t the people calling for nerfs being specific? All I here is “he’s too OP.” Okay, in what sense? Does he do too much damage? Does he gain too much shadow meter? Is he too strong from a specific range? What is it specifically that bothers you about him?

Also, since no one bothered to answer this before, how would you bring him back down to the rest of the pack? Specifically. I see OP throwing it on to the dev team to handle this, but no one’s saying what they’d like to see done to bring him back in line with the rest of the cast.

Personally, I’d like to see the rest of the cast buffed rather than see characters get reduced, but that’s just me.

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like damage buffs? if that’s what u mean then that takes away from heavy hitters like raam, tusk, thunder ect.


Some characters could stand to see a few of their moves or enders or how much certain things scale get a little more oomph in them. I’d like to see Sadira’s webs take off slightly more. I’d also like to see her damage ender buffed, as it’s barely worthwhile as it stands right now. I’d say either make it worth using (either by damage increase or adding another, more desirable property to it) or nix it in favor of an ender with a different, more useful property. She doesn’t have a ton of enders as it is, so it’d be nice if they could reinvigorate her damage ender and also get another one that helps her in other ways.

So yeah I’m not just talking about buffing damage. There are other ways to make characters more powerful or give them more options without reducing the viability of other characters, especially when you take the whole cast in to consideration as far as adjustments are concerned. We’re obviously not just talking about one character in a vacuum here as far as buffs go.

But as far as nerfs go, Fulgore seems to be the main focus. I have yet to hear much in the way of how people thinking he’s OP would go about specifically bringing him back in line with the rest of the cast. How would you do it?


I would agree, Fulogir’es not OP, the orifinal poster is OP! Nerf him! lulz Nah seriously though he’s just gud that’s all.

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How am I hiding behind Shellshock!?
I already agreed with you on a set…

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honestly I think IG taking small chunks away from his arsenal is pretty smart. negative on block here. A 20 percent nerf there. he’s more inline with a huge tool set character with lower damage output but his manual options are crazy. I dunno. he’s the sum of all his parts working together effectively.


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I’m no expert on Fulgore, but here’s my two cents:

His meter management is supposed to be his big weakness, but Fulgore is still a tricky character to deal with even without meter. And he’s seldom going to come at you when he has no meter for a pip cancel.
So we’re left with a character with great mobility and escape/keep-away options, who by design has a pretty easy time opening up opponents, gets rewarded greatly with increased meter gain rate when he does, and then uses that meter gain to make his already potent mixups even stronger, less risky, and low-cost.
Basically he has no outstanding weaknesses in the hands of a very good player. He starts out great and just gets better.

As far as nerfs to bring him under control, I think they could make his DP pip cancels cost more or eliminate the invincibility of his DP when it’s pip cancelled into. They could make all pip cancel usage considerably slow down his meter gain, or make the meter penalty for being punished more severe. Maybe they could just dish out some general nerfs on him but make his meter level buffs more major, having him work harder to get on a roll and forcing him to make more difficult choices as he gets closer to his peak. Just some ideas.


The robot is just fine. He’s just a pain in the ■■■ but he’s beatable. #Adapt

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So you want to completely take his defenses away and make his meter gain non existent? There are plenty of characters with a resource management mechanic that powers up abilities without a drawback. Why should Fulgore be the only one to have a drawback? You know spending pip cancels means few if any shadow counters, means a lot less damage in combo vs the rest of the cast because of few if any shadow linkers, there are lots of weaknesses that people who face the bot don’t take advantage of. That isn’t reason to nerf Fulgore, that’s reason for the opposing player to learn the matchup better.


I’m just throwing out potential ideas, not saying he’s unbeatable or demanding that he be nerfed into the ground like I have a grudge against him.

I just think Fulgore is an amazingly strong character with relatively weak and workaround-able drawbacks, becoming more apparent at high levels of play, who could use more tweaks to bring him more in line with the majority of the cast who have more balanced strengths and weaknesses.


Fulgore’s weaknesses are very apparent. Even at high level. Momentum helps him a lot too which can make him snowball but it still is on the player to not miss a chance. Any time Fulgore is on defense he is losing resources rather than gaining. Spending pips makes him lose them faster. His pressure is good but his strings are short, his frame traps are limited to normals only, and most of his presure and tick throws runs the risk of eating a reversal. His offense is only as powerful as it is uncontested. I’ve played Fulgore a long time, there are lots of small gaps for counter pressure, shadow counters and reversals. Watching Bass play against Nicky makes it very apparent he knows where they are. And the only way to mix it up is pip canceling differently or completely altering your game plan. But that can be a given for any character. The best way to express a characters weaknesses, is to play them yourself for a while. He is severely starved for meter unless you’re willing and able to go in and get it. Which is one of his biggest weaknesses. His zoning is also limited to just neutral or low. Walking forward or proper jumping can easily avoid it. Also using the spacing to predict teleports. Once you know what Fulgore is good at, you can counter play his setups based on his spacing.

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Honestly dude all character weaknesses can be worked around, you can’t exactly beat your bad match ups if you don’t otherwise.

This ^


Oh my god I thought this was a new topic again

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