Fulgore still too OP, nerf that sucker once more again!

I still want to see a Nerfageddon to rain down with furious anger upon that robot, who’s with me!!???

What do you want nerfed?


How OP is Fulgore?

Shadow op.


I dont get it…

Is bad joke dah?





I have no complains against Fulgore. But I understand the frustration against good ones. However, I don’t mind fighting him as I do mind fighting others. You should talk about what’s giving you trouble so we can give you a hand with it. Maybe is a match up thing, I have a lot of those XD

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Fulgore isn’t OP if you’re having problems why don’t you ask some people around here on how fight him? instead of getting all twisted in a knot.

What problems EXACTLY are you having against Fulgore, be specific. I’m a Fulgore main so I also know his weaknesses

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I main Fulgore guys, not having problems… its just that he is still too good.
I would like to see what Keits comes up with in the next Nerfathon!

There is something wrong when you can go on winning streaks… just dont learn anything from that!

You main Fulgore. But you want him to get nerf?.. Wut


Maybe that cr.MK hitbox can be reduced… too good imo

Or maybe -hear me out- you’re playing well and getting better at the game. Or you’re getting matched up with opponents who are below your skill level, or who don’t understand the match-up.

There’s a reason they have the win streak tallied up next to your name when you fight.


I think Fulgore is fed up of being nerfed by this point


I remember it was a meme in Season 2.
“Sir, people are complaining about Kan-Ra”
“I have the solution… Nerf Fulgore”

“Sir, people are reporting save wipes.”
“Give me a moment. Nerfing Fulgore.”

Ah. Good times :joy:


Fulgore did nothing wrong.


Don’t remind me about the save swipes. They used to piss me the hell off, every time I’d unlock everything for my character it would all be wiped away. I have a record of it happening 3 times in S1 twice in S2 and my favorite when S3 first launched and I had just gotten every character to lvl50.

Either A: You’re a REALLY good player.


B: Your opponents all SUCK!

Fulgore is fine as he is. He has trouble managing meter as it is.

C: Fulgore still needs some adjusting.

Even with the latest meter edits you have access to enough shadow moves in one match, not only that now in instinct you can pip cancel EVERYTHING! there is some sick potential with that