Finally Home! Fulgore players rejoice in global conquest!

Let us get our circuits in gear, pretty much anything Fulgore related will be discussed here. I finally got up to Killer Tier with my Fulgore which was a great feeling. It was underwhelming though considering my promo match was against a Silver but with all the remake accounts it didn’t cut too deep but my Silver to Gold promo I had to face a Killer so I earned it =)

How is everyone else’s Fulgore coming? Have any crazy combo’s? Setups? Cool things that have happened? Share away!

Guess I’ll start with new tech then. Apologize for the one minor slip in language. Just a heads up, it’s only once.


Oh, wow
I’m going to have to try that later! Thanks!

What the… that has to be a glitch, surely? Normally the fireball should count as the opener and the overhead should be breakable.

Tested it myself and you’re right, it counts the shadow blade dash as the opener even though it’s deep into the combo. Although I think it’s still breakable normally. After the teleport I quickly set the d u m m y (why is this word censored?!) to break all attacks and sure enough, it breaks the overhead instantly after the fireball. Maybe just a glitch in the way the combo state is displayed? :confused:

It’s definitely breakable, but that’s not the point, since your opener isn’t counted until the shadow, it deals significantly more damage, allows the combo to be faster, and leaves less time to react and break it. I don’t know how long you can keep the string going for, I do intend to look deeper into this. I know it’ll get fixed eventually, but it doesn’t really break the game since his damage is too low to begin with in my opinion.

Oh, I’m stupid. I didn’t even think of that. In that case yes, that’s definitely interesting, and a great find.

You can instinct cancel and keep it going. Once the combo is started, until you do an actual auto double you can manual into anything as long as you could normally outside of combo. It isn’t as reliable as you’d think though, it leaves you with only Axis slash and lasers, so it’s super easy to break. If you do any other type of manual after a laser, you’re forced to end or go into regular combo. The damage differences are only about 4% and the only time it happens is if they don’t block the projectile and the timing to actually get the axis slash to not be considered combo while in combo is rather strict. So it’s a good find but definitely not logical nor a method to rely on. You might see it once in 5-10 matches but the setup would be near impossible in an actual match.

I don’t have any tech, just this funny announcer glitch that I captured whilst fighting a TJ online…

I currently main Fulgore and I agree with one of the posts I read on here saying his damage is too low currently - other characters can seemingly expend less effort and deal out more damage… That and the fact that the hype/devastation beam is nowhere near as easy to get and does less damage. I still like him for his playstyle variability and his sound design, amongst other things.

I made a new channel trailer, tell me what you guys think.


WOW what a way to start a Fulgore topic AMAZING JOB!

I’m all about the robot, you better believe I’d be the first one here starting up topics :slight_smile:

lets get some fancy tech thrown back up onto this subforum! we got some fulgores out there needing to download new methods of slaying!

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I eventually planned on making a Fulgore setup/combo guide. I might do it this week if I have some spare time. It won’t have really any new tech in it at all, there really isn’t much, his play style is pretty versatile across the cast as it is with the exception of anyone who has a low profile slide, other than that, you can use the same setups on most people, and it’s a matter of getting in once and getting your vortex started. As you can see from the end of my trailer, a proper vortex will go 3 combo’s into ultra and they are relatively short combo’s too.

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Here is what I got so far, it’s a little all over the place but for the most part I got a bit of it across. Setups, normals, specific enders I use and where things like that. I will eventually work on scripting a more compact guide but for now my time has been limited.

That was the most majestic ultra I’ve seen in a long time.
11/10, wanna try

Thanks man I really appreciate it. I will be doing a Fulgore stream tonight. I will be covering everything I know with him from normals, to block strings, to combo’s, setups, and I will even explain my Ultra combo and how it is possible. I will also post that stream here when it is done. He is my favorite game character in existence. A robotic knight of pure awesome destruction who I know can be a good dude under the right circumstances =)

Here is a full guide properly voiced and hopefully a good chunk of info for those looking to learn Fulgore. This is how I play him, this isn’t a, this is how he is played or, this is his best yada yada, I made it to Killer tier with my playstyle and it’s just how I work him. It’ll be on you to discover your playstyle but this is a good place to start. Other noted players to look for, Ricky Walker, Alex Valle, Nicky Vengeance, DevilJin, SaltFace, and Jayslik. To my knowledge, that’s it for top tier Fulgore Mains. Some may have changed Mains but, those are who I learned from.

The only thing I didn’t explain in the tutorial are the main 2 variants of Fulgore players. One will focus on mixup potential and have little access to meter because the cost of lasers, projectiles, and teleports will be significantly more than any pressure you do towards your spin speed.

The other variant is a rushdown more aggressive Fulgore who will focus more on normals, blade dashes, and throws as these build your spin speed.

While in combo, laser linkers and projectiles do not increase spin speed but they do not reduce it either. Blade dash linkers do increase spin speed in combo. As far as enders, Wall Splat and DP ender both build spin speed while launcher and hard knockdown enders do not build spin speed.

The best Fulgore players will be able to swap between these 2 variants and solid zoning potential on a whim.

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Since I’ve been playing Fulgore at Killer Tier level, I am at an impasse. The ease of meter gain and tools of some of the rest of the cast are making me regret fully committing to Fulgore as my main. I’m finding it increasingly hard to win matches because I’m losing to short combo’s with shadow’s as 1 chance breaks cashing out 35-40%+ multiple times where I barely even have meter to consider throwing a shadow into a combo since I need to think about mixups and whether or not I’m spending my meter properly. If I’m doing mixups or zoning, I’m wasting all of my meter and just giving them meter. It’s near impossible to have it feel like a fair match in most cases where my average cash out is 22-30% if I’m lucky and theirs is 30-35% meterless and 40-45% with meter and me just playing Fulgore as he is naturally builds them a boatload of meter where my meter is negatively effected.

I will rehash my old argument here. Fulgore is the only character punished on block for shooting a projectile, the only character punished in a combo for using his damage linker because it doesn’t gain him spin speed, and he is punished for not using his damage or wall splat ender since his setup enders do not give spin speed. If you play his neutral game and only rely on blade dashes you can gain a positive spin speed but that doesn’t work in Fulgore’s favor since it puts you in a bad situation if they somehow gain the upper hand. I’m really struggling justifying him as a good character. I have played him religiously since last November.

Dealing with his meter wasn’t that bad when he actually had potential to do some good damage with shorter combo’s once in a while but now, you’re so lucky if you ever see a level 4 ender. You need a Full KV meter to get even a level 3. Let alone when you’re already at a level 3 a shadow blade dash won’t get you to level 4 unless you still do another medium or higher auto double.

I know what tools he has and arguably they are good but his damage potential is by far the lowest in the game next to Omen but with how much shadow Omen has access to, it’s really tough to say that he does less than Fulgore at this point. Maya has her dagger cash out and Kan-Ra has unbreakables that do as much as most Fulgore combo’s do. Not to mention Kan-Ra’s shadow cash out is rather significantly better than Fulgore’s. I really hope he gets something before S3 starts or I feel he will fall off more. I know the EVO argument will come up but c’mon, out of ALL of Evo he showed up in 2 matches. You’re not gonna sit there and tell me 2 matches dictates an entire characters value when they were specifically against 2 characters that we all know he has a little better chance with.

Maybe I’m upset over nothing, maybe I’m on to something, I don’t know… But watching how little meter I have during a match compared to most of the cast and how my combo’s don’t do much unless I get a perfect Vortex going, even then it still takes me 4-5 setups to take a round assuming they all land. His momentum is just too high to tolerate I guess. He is still my favorite character but I just don’t see Fulgore really being prominent at high tier.

I know you can rate him as high risk high reward but, the risk is, no meter, spend everything on setups, and if they don’t pay off you’re pretty much boned. Or go gung ho looking for meter in the rushdown game only to have your combo’s be 2/3 the damage of your opponents. Every match comes down to a damage race which Fulgore just loses, all the time. This is obviously the reason that there are like what… 2 Fulgore players? If that? He is good on paper but that’s it. A rocket car can look good on paper too…

Hopefully this rant isn’t too bad to read, just a little heartbroken that Fulgore struggles as much as he does just to function.

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