Eyedol's Accessories


Wasn’t clear if you were referring at that particular set or all the sets of the character.

Also, English isn’t my first language so sometimes small details scape me


Isnt that left side the headless horseman with a pumpkin head?

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I have to say I wasn’t too into Eyedol when he was announced but after the gameplay vids and the accessories I’m kinda warming up to him now. Nicely done @developers.


Yeah it does, I didn’t even think of that! lol

@FallofSeraphs76: I think so, the clothes he has on that side are kind of fancy which would makes sense lol I love it!!!

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One retro costume I wish they had was half of him in a business suit the other half a Mohawk and sorry shirt
EDIT: ment to say party shirt but sorry actually seems funnier!

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Wow, impressive indeed :slight_smile:


I must say, character-wise, this season is definitely ending on a very high note. Not only does Eyedol look insanely fun to play as, but these original and retro accessories are PERFECT! Wouldn’t change even one of them. The pin cushion one… I know it’s a huge stretch, but I see a tiny bit of Slipknot in there, which makes it a tiny bit more awesone :slight_smile:

But yeah, top notch. No question. Its stuff like this that really make me want separate DLC accessory packs (and stage / retro stage packs, but that’s beside the point).

I’d love to see what cool stuff Bayliss or IG could come up with, especially for season one characters. Spy Orchid? Ninja Jago? Interior Alien View Glacius? Red Eyes of Rylai White Outfit Sadira? Human Spinal? So many possibilities!!

But yeah, for real, Eyedol is amazing. 10/10 no question. These awesome accessories only solidify it. Much appreciated!

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Maybe but it just reminds me of that movie


Okay, this is actually pretty cool.
I don’t really care for the rest though.

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After actually getting some hands on time playing him, I really like all of the standard accessories. As for his retro, I only really like the Halloween accessories from the neck down (so sans pumpkin head). Come to think ot it, his 1st set of accessories that are already unlocked (his premium set, I think - the 1 with the spikes) also looks better IMO without the mask…


No love for the Misfit? :cry:


I definitely agree on the armour without the helmet.

But more importantly: he has Golden Spinal as an accessory set! And Golden Spinal is Best Spinal.


Well I will say I changed my opinion on default eyedol he is pretty cool tbh with color 9 but I still would love 2 have his old club/mace because that would have looked amazing I feel this one I to neanderthal like but it’s my opinion don’t hate :wink:


But like I said this looks amazing good job @IToTheG


Gotta love the incredible hulk color.

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I know I love his Hulk color. I was honestly a tad afraid he was going to come out looking more like a green lizard-thing. I know he did in classic KI.


Wait a minute… Hulk color?

[looks at image above]

OMG! I never realized it was green skin with purple fur (like pants). How did I not put 2 and 2 together!? Especially since they’re 2 completely different personalities! :open_mouth:


Heh, I noticed it right away. I love the reference, whoever did Eyedols retro colors is a genius.

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My favorite is the Doom Baron color (Pink torso tan legs)

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Damn, now you got me. I didn’t even think of that until now, despite being one of the folks who suggested they base him off of the Baron from DOOM 4. Now I’m going to go make a topic in the Eyedol section to see if we can find anymore references.