Eyedol's Accessories


I think it’s more like the movie 9 with the dolls made of the burlap


i was positive about IG doing eyedol , because kim-wu, riptor , cinder etc looks really good. But i must say. Eyedol has one of the bes the best design in the game , the way it looks and the figthing mechanics , the style , and now the accessories. Best accessories in the game. IMO Eyedol is the best desingned character in this game. By Far, the best.

Good Job IG/MS

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You guys really gave his retro an accessory set that turns one of his heads into a pumpkin :heart: :purple_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

Seriously, whoever at IG thought this up…

I want to give you a huge thank you! It’s so Halloween…It’s so…beautiful :cry:


I am so happy that Eyedol is just a day away. I do think the pumpkin/mummy think is just horrible. It just makes me think of all the crap outfits that people use in Tekken. The rest of the outfits are ok, and a couple are really nice.

I am not trying to start a fight, these are just my thoughts and mine alone.

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We are now mortal enemies and must fight to the death

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All of Modern Eyedol’s accessories are epic! I wish I could say the same about Retro Eyedol. I’m fine with having maybe one silly set, but the lack of any serious armor sets or anything grinds my gears a little. The conflicted set is Badass though.

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The default Eyedol has the best sets of the whole cast. Hands down.

As far as the retro, I like the look more than any of his accessory sets. They got that retro look SPOT ON! So I’ll probably just that instead of any of those sets. The conflicted set is pretty cool though

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Which one is the best for you?

For me, Gargos is near

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While I’m not sure if his accessoiries are the best (I need to see them on my own tv first), there are a lot of good ones in the game, so it will be difficult to choose for me personally, you cant make a statement like that though and not give your own opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That skull accessory…D: damn I WANT IT!!!


I know right?!?



Hey look, it’s PinCushion!

Seriously, though, I must say they are all exquisite! I especially like the “Champion” and “Conflicted” ones.


My god those retro accessories are amazing​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::weary:. Even the default accessories are some of the best I’ve seen yet.

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At first I thought your comment was going to piss me off…then it made me incredibly happy :grinning:


dude good catch!


I was going to post that! Nice!


I am a sucker for anything Halloween lol I love this set so much XD

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I thought they were just supposed to be voodoo dolls, not “from” anything. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve already answered this question up above. You should really try to keep up! :wink:

…but to reiterate: I like the ragdoll outfit on Eyedol’s retro.

As far as who has the best accessories? My vote goes to Spinal (not counting that odd color issue with his feet that still needs to be fixed). He’s a pirate, a caveman, a viking, a Crusades knight, an Egyptian, a Roman centurian, a Greek hoplyte, and a Japanese samurai! He’s more varied, I think, than anyone!

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The pumpkin reminds me of the Addam’s Family movie, Wednesday carves a cyclops pumpkin that looks incredibly similar.

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