Eyedol's Accessories


Hands down best accesories

Awesome work here!


To bad we don’t get a different weapon the original mace on eyedol was/would have bin godlike a well it’s default all the way for me I feel the whole 2 head consept but for me eyedol was and Is 1 being tbh but I do feel the community will like this stuff personally I will stay retro default all the way

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Yeah I was disappointed they didn’t give him the classic weapon, nearly every other character’s retro has a classic version of their weapon…


Maya says hi


Meaning there are exceptions. Even so, Maya’s weapon is textured differently.


@rukizzel of course I’m up late. How did you know? You wouldn’t be stalking me now…would you?

Beyond that, Eyedol’s accessories look pretty amazing. You all have outdone yourselves.


Excuse me then. I thought that “nearly” is meant for those who don’t have weapons at all. Didn’t know you meant specifcally characters with weapons


Well I mean, we were talking about weapons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if I sounded snappy, its late here. I think the only characters who’s weapons don’t change in their Retro are Kim and Maya, though like I said Maya’s does get a retexture. As far as Eyedol though his old club was basically just a huge cylinder with a handle, covered in spikes. I wouldn’t think it would be that hard to bring it back.


Probably due to the the length of the club. Eyedol’s club in this game is a lot shorter than the one in KI1 so they probably kept it the same to avoid reach issues.


IMO the club its fine. Maybe its a matter of effects. Besides the stance of the body, the mace help us knowing which stance its the actual one


I’d suggest keeping the red/purple glow FX but just change the shape of the weapon, though its unlikely to happen I still wish it could.

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Classic Accessories Conflicted and Misfit are amazing, you can tell that people will be using Misfit accessories when Halloween comes around again XD

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I love the scavenger set, it looks similar to my Cyber Eyedol idea that I posted here several times.


They all look great.


I remember those. I think they heard you.

Seriously, Conflicted is so boss. I’ve had the trailer music stuck in my head all week. Way to go everyone involved with this character; you hit it out of the park.

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Good stuff! I like it!
@rukizzel Is it the same person that works on the accessories throughout the seasons or is it a different team for each character?
How does that work exactly?

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Also, his music is one of the most reminiscent of the old style of beanland and norgate. May it be my favorite tune? time will tell


Disappointed there’s not an accessory that turns each head into 2 smaller heads.


I personally disagree. They’re great, but not the best.


Really looking forward to tomorrow. Eyedol looks great!

(Also hoping that my Shadow Lab will be back online.)