Eyedol's Accessories


Hey, I was one of those guys that aided in that suggestion. Actually it goes to show you how much the devs were listening when it came to Eyedol…I can’t think of many suggestions we made that didn’t get put into his overall design.

Split head, faithful original design, armor, , stance character, brutal feel, Doom reference…

…about the only thing they left out was a reference to the 2-headed monster from Sesame Street…wait a minute…

…wow…yup, just about everything…


Lmao, I still remember @TempusChaoti trolling us by saying “Search two headed monster on Google” revealing pics of that puppet as evidence that two heads are inherently goofy. Damn that guy is good at what he does.


I feel like he may have been noticing me catching on, because it seemed like after I had pointed out that within all these troll attempts he wasn’t saying no to Eyedol he stopped posting anything. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but that’s the impression I got.


I noticed that too, when people would come at me saying that the devs hate eyedol and that he’ll never be in the game i’d always bark back with “They’ve NEVER said no” they always, or rather he always just misdirected us.

Eyedol’s default colors aren’t as good sadly, some of them are but I don’t like how the tattoo color changes with them. The whole point of the tattoo is to distinguish the mage head’s activity, the color of the tattoo should be purple on all skins regardless.