Exploring the Japanese Ki scene: new article incoming in April

EDIT: A new article is incoming this April. Stay Tuned.

I am sure that some of you remember a piece on the Japanese KI scene last November (time goes by fast!) that I posted on this forum. At the time I covered Kombo Klash Japan and doing this was just the first step in getting to know the Japanese KI community. In preparation of my next piece, I would like to hear from you and what kind of questions you would like to see me ask Japanese players.

Please let me know by posting in this thread, and hopefully, before season 3 arrives I am able to give you something good to read about our world wide KI community. Featured will be an interview with Tonosama, one of the top Riptor players on the Japanese scene. That’s the guy with the (in)famous saying: “Riptor is cute. Look at her. Don’t you think you so?”

Here is a collection of some of the topics that were deemed interesting by some of you…

Anyway, let me know what you want to hear by posting below… Thanks!

FYI. Tonosama was covered in my previous article and there is a link at the bottom if you want to re-read about him and his Riptor. Here:


I have a few questions that would be fun to have answered.

-Since Japan has spawned some of the best competitive FG players around, do they think that if/when the game blows up there they’ll be the dominant force in KI, or do they think the game more likely to be dominated by western players?

-What do they look for in a character? Tools? Damage? Normals? Etc.

-What characters are popular there?

-Any chance of cosplay?

-What do they think would improve the game?/What do they like?

-What do they think of the S3 changes?

I could probably think of more but I don’t want to overload you :stuck_out_tongue:


Ask them about Season 3.

  • What do they like?

  • What do they not like?

  • Do they like the new characters?

  • What do they think the next characters will be?

  • What guest characters would they like in the game? (This might not be the best question to ask)

I would actually be really interested in their opinions on the S3 balance changes (specifically their opinion on the reworks)! Also, if they were excited for the KI World Cup and whether or not they watched it!

I think balance changes would be best. I want to hear their take on it.

I just want to know if they think that Ki will become more popular in Japan now that it is going to PC, given time. If so why? If not why?

P.s. I very much appreciate, like i’m sure many others do, the fact that you are bringing the Ki insight from Japan to the forum. So thanks.

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What sort of characters would they like to see added? I.e is there any characters that would make the game more attractive for the Japanese scene

Thanks so far, everyone. I have your questions covered. Keep 'em coming.

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Ask them if there are any archetypes for character design or fighting style that they think are missing from the game and would make it more appealing in Japan.


Do you want donald trump to be in Ki? Lol.
How high is Fulgore in the Japanese tier list.

I’d love their thoughts on the Season 3 Rebalance shown at KI Cup.

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I think most of the questions I had have been covered. One comes to mind for Tonosama, though.

  • Are you aware that PaulB owes you $500 for winning a major (Kombo Klash Japan) with Riptor?

Aside from that, remind him that he’s an awesome Riptor player and that we’re keen to see him go the distance at Evo this year if he can make it.

Nice topics. I will take all into account.

I will throw that one in too. What was the background to this?

Noted competitive Wulf player PaulB briefly played Riptor competitively, until he started claiming that Riptor is underpowered (worst character in the game, maybe?) and put a $500 bounty on winning a major with her. He then came up with a dumb reason that he mumbled under his breath for why KKJ didn’t count when he saw Tonosama take it, but we all know Tonosama deserves the cash.

Not sure there’s much else to say, except that PaulB is a liar and a fraud. :wink:

great my friend last time you did awesome so kudos to that and for keep going

for Tonosama ask him what he think about the new changes for Riptor and if he planing to main other KI character.

ask what they think about the new combo breaker system to keep that momentum .

about the shadow counter once they are very effective and precise how they feel about it or dosent matter

abou some of the top tier for them Hisako, Omen, Riptor, Cinder, Spinal how they feel about the changes is wath they want or not.

what they are expecting for season 3 as character variety that they want to see or play .

how more is the Japanese comunity grow from the last couple months …

what they think about the combo assist or is something that they will never use it even for new players.

say hih to them from Quancro from Guatemala. and if is possible if they can upload more videos from them on youtube i love watch Tonosama Riptor, Domi, Otgy, Osomatsu and the rest
@BoJima404 good luck .

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I think what someone up above said is pretty good. What type of characters would they like added to the game. How would they look like. It would be good to get this type of feed back so that maybe IG and MS can look to create characters that appeal to a wider audience and not just Americans.

Thanks for the input, people. I completed the first part of my interview. You’ll be surprised about some of the answers…

@Fnrslvr OK, thanks. Gotcha about PaulB!

When will it be ready to share? Very interested to see their responses

This article will be mainly feature Tonosama, one of the better known Riptor players. It will take some time, but hopefully, within about one week or so.

Did you read the previous article I made in November last year?

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Nope, i’m somewhat new around here but feel free to point me in the right direction and I will have a look at it.