Eagle's Pricing and Availability


Wow, this is amazing news.
I was holding off on buying Kilgore and Shin because I assumed there might be a bundle of the three of them later for $10 (and I was a little miffed about Kilgore’s original pricing) but this way better than I expected. Lucky me. Hyped as hell for free Eagle whenever that ends up becoming free, good on you IG for doing awesome by the community time and time again amidst all the doubting (I’m guilty of this too).

The best part is I already hit level 50 with Kilgore and Shin during their free rotations. Glad that grind will pay off.

Only way I could be happier is if IG is going to implement crossplay with the Steam version via a similar system to Minecraft’s (in which you have to log into your Microsoft account on the other platform). Crossbuy would be great, but at the bare minimum it’d be great to have crossplay that way since it’s proven to work.


I was gonna get eagles premium accessories with the over 18000 ki gold that I had but its showing zero gold :upside_down_face:


My contribution to KI will be made with the $10 of KI Gold I used to get Eagle’s premium accessories (and Shadow Omen) as a show of gratitude for giving long time fans the boy with the bow for free :blush:


Strange, Eagle’s not showing up anywhere, and I have season 3 ultra on Xbox One. Also strange that the game’s telling me I have no KI Gold when I should have 2,500. :frowning:

Any idea what could be going on here, @rukizzel?


I have no gold Also


It said I had no KI gold as well when I got back from work and he also wasn’t popping up anywhere for me either so I hard restarted my Xbox and disconnected my router for a minute or two since I was having some connection issues, afterwards he popped up for download and I had my KI gold back.


Hey go check your SL save also. I lost all my KI gold, all my shadow points, Astral gems, and all my guardians.


Yeah, I didn’t check my guardians, but everything else you said is spot on, so I’m assuming those are gone too. Hopefully the fix goes through soon, as I’d like to play Eagle but don’t really want to do anything now that’ll just be overwritten.

On the bright side, at least the Mask of the Ancients finally dropped! :slight_smile:


Right! :slight_smile: I can’t help to wonder if this update created any new dossier problems. I can tell you that there are mimmic Eagles. I seen 3 myself.


Well, on the bright side, all of my stuff is back, but I still can’t find where to purchase Eagle. He’s not in the Killer Instinct store.


Check your Fighters section, he might already be owned. I went to buy him from there on the X1 and I think I was too late, it showed that I owned him already.


I don’t have Eagle unlocked nor the other two unlocked and I have DE working on my PC and Xbox. Am I missing something?


The other two will come when the Steam version launches. Eagle should be available to everyone right now.


All my stuff that was there before came back but I bought ki gold and got eagle s premium accessories and had change now I will only have the 535 I had before the eagle update the reminder that was left from the ki is gone. Help plz


Sorry to ask a dumb question, but if I go to “Store” and “Fighters,” how can I tell if he’s owned? I see all the characters and I’m able to purchase Eagle’s additional set of retro accessories with KI Gold, but if I press X to look at his details, I don’t see any option to purchase him. It just shows his fight reel, bundles, etc. No option to buy him (that I can find, at least).


Well, we are at 30 days and climbing since this comment. I know that my nagging probably doesn’t help you get a green light to announce anything but maybe you could at least get a green light to give us a date when we can expect more info.


Nah, stay tuned blablabla


So, did anything ever come of the “free to DE and S3UE owners but presently bugged situation?” It’s been a few months, and Eagle still ain’t unlocked. I was thinking about buying him, then remembered, and have read about purchasing him being a buggy affair, so I came here to seek the guidance of the community and @rukizzel.


Still nothing. MS/IG pulled a Capcom with this one.


He was free for me. I own both S3UE and DE so I dunno which one unlocked it.