Eagle's Pricing and Availability


I got him for free and I got S3UE


If eagle is that big of a deal, then some people just need to bite the bullet and just spend the $5 to get him.

It is nice to see that some of the people complaining that he is not free, are also the same people that say they will buy things to help support the game. :laughing:

Just buy the character and write it off as bad luck.


Nobody is complaining. Can you read?

I wanted to know if it was service or user error. If service error, cool. I’ve got a proverbial fuckton of medical bills to pay, so while $5 aint much, fun money ain’t really in the budget. If user error, could I get instructions as to what needs to be done that I am (obviously) not doing?

If you don’t have a productive answer, bite your tongue. You must be real treat at parties.


He was free and unlocked for me for a day or two after the announcement (only had Ultra). I can’t use him offline, probably because I didn’t download the character. I guess you’ll get him unlocked whenever the Steam version comes in.


Yes, I can read. This thread is about people wanting to know when Eagle will BE FREE, SO THEY DON’T NEED TO PAY. The complaining would make more sense if the item was over 20 dollars. It is a 5 dollar item. Just pay the money if you want the character that badly.

For the record, people love me at parties. I don’t backstab or talk ■■■■ about someone. If I don’t like them, or have something to say, then I will say it to their face. My friends know that I will always tell them the truth, and it doesn’t not matter if it is what they want to hear.

If you want people to “bite their tongue”, you might want to avoid posting a dumb remark like “can you read”. Yes, I noticed the passive aggressive statement.

You want helpful advice? Here it is. Use some common sense. It is obvious that you are not the only one with this problem. When it gets fixed, people will post about it. Maybe use some basic trouble shooting skills and uninstall/reinstall the game.


Sometimes, even $5 dollars is a struggle to pay.

Hopefully, things get fixed soon.


Guys relax…Sadistics statement is basically like the old DE, Platinum Gargos skin issue. You can wait fro it to be free one day or you can go ahead and pay for it now. Either way there are options to get Eagle… just one of them is waiting for it to finally be free and come through on the PC edition.

If Rukari and CO knew the answer IM sure they would have mentioned it by now.


Why would I pay 5$ when I don’t have to.

If they wanted DE and S3UE owners to pay for Eagle they would not state he will be free for them.

I, as well as many KI players sank so much money into this game it would be enough to buy multiple AAA games at release price, and you can go only so far on “if you want to support the game, pay money” talk before some of us lose patience.


I’m taking @MDMMORNING side on this one. This is not like the Gargos skin scenario.


Didn’t they say that Eagle will be free for DE owners when the steam version launches?


If they did, I missed that announcement. Thank you, Sasuke. That was helpful and polite. Some elders ought perhaps take notes.


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I bought Killer Instinct Definitive Edition on disc media for the Xbox One S, last week, and there are still content locked, such as Eagle and Shin Hisako, and a lot of other stuff.
I reinstalled the game a few times and it keeps saying that i have to buy the characters or the Definitive Edition.
The Definitive Edition Icon seams to be locked, the add-on doesn`t install.
So the issue mentioned in this post still remains.
Is there a way to solve this? I already contacted Microsoft Support , an they told the problem is in my copy of the game !!!
Tonight i will send a video of my login on the xbox, and the add-ons i have available for the KI Definitive edition that are locked.


I’m not sure if you get eagle, shin hisako and Kilgore by buying the definitive edition. I bought the digital version and spend some extra bucks on these characters. They were made available after the definitive edition was released.


Thanks but they announce um the oficial site that you get All the caracters on KI withhh the Definitive Edition. And i have Killgore. The problem is that Definitive Edition add on does not install. As they Said um the beginning of this topic as you can see.