Eagle's Pricing and Availability

Check out the full details here: https://www.ultra-combo.com/eagles-pricing-availability/

Read them all! Seriously.

tl;dr version:

  • Eagle launches tomorrow ~9 am PDT
  • Eagle will cost $4.99 – includes Retro
  • KI:DE & Season 3 Ultra owners will get Eagle free – but may not work immediately
  • Purchasing Eagle when $4.99 is listed will result in you being charged, no matter if you own the DE/ S3 Ultra or not
  • To offset the issue, Eagle will be the free, rotating character this week
  • Shin Hisako and Kilgore will be free for DE owners (not S3 Ultra) later when the Steam version launches (as originally intended)

So free for CONSOLE version of the Definitive Edition? So I DO NOT need to purchase Eagle?

Win10 included in that.

If you own the DE or Season 3 Ultra, you do not need to purchase Eagle if you do not desire to do so.


To think there are people who still claim MS and IG don’t care about us.


Sweet, though i hope giving him away like that doesn’t hurt the profit the character makes too badly.

I am a rebel and I will purchase it anyway


As it is 5 dollars… I don’t have an issue buying him. If I get him free great, if I don’t, it isn’t a huge problem for me.


Bought all 3 seasons, bought Shago, bought, Kilgore, bought Shin Hisako…

**** it. Gonna buy Eagle tomorrow to support the devs.


Thought bout purchasing Eagle, but I’m happy he is free. He looks so budgeted that I’d prefer not to pay $5 for em. Sorry :frowning:

Everything in the game is budgeted. What does that even mean?!

Also budgeted means something entirely different than how you are using it.


This made my day.


Aw, man, I wish I new this Earlier I already bought them agers ago. Any chance if we can get some free KI gold if you have the DE and already have them?

Not at this moment. Packing these characters in is a new development. Not something we’d planned for a long time to lead anyone astray.


Thanks bud! Looking forward to KI Tuesday!

I WANT PAY FOR HIM, Because I support KI.


Maybe I missed it on the patch notes but is there any SL content/missions coming with eagle/3.8???


This level of communication is greatly appreciated!


[quote=“rukizzel, post:11, topic:21449, full:true”]

Everything in the game is budgeted. What does that even mean?!
[/quote]Just means that they doesn’t like how he looks so that must mean he had a lower budget than the rest of the cast.

Personally I’m not seeing it, he’s got a completely unique model, a 100% original moveset, a musical theme, a retro costume, premium accessories and more. Seems like he’s up to par on budget if you ask me.

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Wow, that’s really cool.

Do you have any more details you can share at this time about the Steam version? Cross-buy, cross-play, estimated release window?