Eagle's Pricing and Availability

If you read the article that answer would become painfully clear.

If there were details ready to share, they’d be shared!


You guys are the best! I think I’ll buy Shin Hisako or Kilgore with those 5 bucks, even if I wasn’t planning to get those.

My tweet! Thanks for the answer. I respect the reasoning and was happy with the responses.

Am I alone in thinking that it would have been really cool to have released “Eagle” on July 4th?

I know that it would have been a pain because of the holiday.

No one wants to release a character on their day off, or a Friday. Those two spell disaster.


Has there been any details on how KI Steam will work? Will it be it’s own game where we’ll have to purchase the content again or will it be akin to Windows 10 and Xbox Live’s content transfer?

I wouldn’t expect anyone to actually do it. I just thought it would have been neat considering his name, and the holiday itself.


Then you have to think about more things - like what that “holiday” means to other people, and other cultures.


I own multiple retail copies of the DE and purchased the Ultra Edition Season 3. I will STILL purchase Eagle… because I want to continue supporting the game.

What’s another $4.99 anyway?

My real question is this. I may have misread or simply missed it altogether, but when the Steam version rolls around, will we receive that free or will that be a separate charge?

And… will Win 10/ Xbox One / Steam be cross play?


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You haven’t missed a thing. We just haven’t divulged those details yet!


I sent a DM via Twitter if you can spare 2 minutes, sir. Thanks!

And understandably so. If the fans discover bugs with the character on a holiday release, then there is no one to hear complaints at the company. Then people begin to complain about the company not caring or releasing an interior product. So while the idea of eagle releasing on July 4th is a cool idea I can understand why it’s avoided.

Then we can do something about that. (If we want or have the means to do so, of course. :D) It’s great that there is a choice and I’m glad that they thought about those that don’t want to pay, but I’m gonna help support the game that has given me tons of countless hours of fun, even before the definitive edition came out. I’ll be buying Eagle tomorrow! I wamt more KI content. Maybe this could help fund Stage 1 stage ultras and ultimates for all characters! Hmmm …

Back when I worked on Age of Empires, we released a borked patch on a Friday afternoon. Took all weekend to fix. Would have been easier if people were at their desks!


Wow, I definitely did not expect this. I’m looking forward to getting Eagle free as a Season 3 Ultra edition owner. Assuming they get it working in good time. Yes it’s only $5 one way or the other, but it’s the thought that counts. I will take the $5 and put it towards some of the gold skins I haven’t bought yet.


I keep wanting to ask why Shin Hisako, Kilgore and Eagle aren’t included in the steam version already because I assume it would be it’s own kinda DE like most fighting games that eventually get released on steam much later…

but I keep stumping myself and assume that you want all 3 versions (Xbox, Windows 10 and Steam) to be similar.

I feel like I answered my own question lol

KI best game. Make the tsar for 10€. Season 4 with 4 more characters.

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More than a fair compromise from MS imo. I just need to buy ShinSako now to complete my character roster.

Hope there is more in store for us KI fans! Season 4 or something—fingers crossed!

Awesome deal.
Looking forward to trying him out as the free character tmw after work

What’s potentially offensive about America’s Independence Day? What cultures are or would be upset about the holiday set aside to recognize the founding of the United States? Not pushing for anything to be released on July 4th mind you, but since you brought it up, I’m curious what you meant by that. :confused:

After all, we’ve got KI events for Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Memorial Day Weekend, etc… Just asking.