Eagle's Pricing and Availability




Cause no one wants to work on their day off, and if there’s a problem with a content launch on a major holiday, game developers are working on their day off.


Well Eagle is native american, and the deceleration of independence along with everything America did to them afterward doesn’t exactly sound like they’d be too thrilled about that holiday. Granted I don’t think they’re straight up offended by it, more like it’d just be a bit awkward.



He just asked a simple question, my dude. This is a pretty brutal response.

Anyway, my hope is you guys are able to share that stuff sooner rather than later. The Steam version is exciting news for people not tied to the Win10/Xbox architecture, and it would be sad to see that momentum lost because of lack of news (and Marvel news soon to overshadow other games).

Also, while I think it’s pretty cool that Eagle is going to be available for free for people who’ve supported KI to this point, I hope you guys manage to turn a profit on it.


Awwww no brutality, but definitely a tone of frankness - which will happen from time to time again.

Also my Steam timing quote was a direct (indirect) response to your earlier concerns around staying mum for too long. Promise, won’t be horribly long.


Awesome to get Eagle free. Thanks IG and MS!


Its awesome that so many get him for free but honestly the game needs profits if we expect to see more future content, I was prepared to pay for him as I’m sure most of us were as well. I just hope this isn’t a bad sign


I’m happy with it. But please… please make the steam version seperated. (no cross-play to xbl network)


Why in god’s name would you want that?


Me too! The amount of time, love and effort these guys have put into this game and have done for years, along with the many many MANY hours of entertainment I have had from this game… I will happily pay for every content they release x




stupid question(s) regarding the steam version, is there cross play between the 3 platforms Xbox, Win10, and steam?
if I were to switch to the steam version of the game would I be able to have my stuff from my xbox account or is that separate?
edit: sorry for off topic question_


Steam stuff coming in later!


the ol stay tuned… thank you lol


Thank u IG. U guys are the greatest! X


How about the fact that eagle is a native American character, and the path to our freedom trampled a bunch of them under foot?


I have a few questions about the steam version also.

  1. How will it be priced? Free with 1 character / DE version (obviously)

  2. Crossbuy (unlock content if logged in with xbox live)

  3. Will there be crossplay with xbox/w10 players?

If first 2 things I asked isnt possible with steam version, then I have no problem buying the game again :wink:


He literally just answered this about 4 posts up:

Steam stuff coming in later!


Words cannot express how great this is turning out. Now, I await the Steam Version of KI as well as other patches that can fix the bugs/glitches and make the game more playable in that regard.


and if yes, than only if they have a deal with valve. normally steam has it’s own cloud and don’t want other networks in their network (it’s standard in this business)