Eagle's Pricing and Availability


1st: steams anti-cheat software is useless. this can be seens at rocket league (=steam-xbl-cp), cs:go and other multiplayer which have still massive problems with cheaters although they use additional solutions against >steam< cheaters. they patch against it, they use verifyed phone numbers (free prepaid?!) and they tried other things, but nothing worked. that’s because you can modify almost everything in a steam game.

2nd: say goodbye to any leaderboards if it’s cross-play with steam.

3rd: people would complain because it has to 99% only access to the steam cloud. no player would get it’s xbox stuff, in this case. ms would need a expensive deal with valve to use the xbox live (own) cloud.

That’s also a reason why Halo Wars DE has no cross-play from steam to winstore-xbl. but it was dramatic case, because it has no cross-play in general and instead of making cross-play between xbl, they have killed the winstore playerbase completely.
This wouldn’t be the case with KI, because it already has a working and cheater-free cross-play between xbl.
There is no need to destroy this.

Steam is really fine, but only for singleplayer and private multiplayer. (btw: I’m steam user since 13 years…but i’m realistic)


Rocket League has no problems with cheaters (aside from people trying to boost others to high ranks). Nobody is getting a high rank by cheating the physics or abusing the game mechanics using mods.

Source: I play a ton of Rocket League.


so… and what’s for example with patch 1.12, in which they have added a new anti-cheat system?
because people have modded their gamedata and removed for example specific maps out their competive mode?

was that just for fun because they have nothing to do? i don’t think so…

Source: Google

And yep, it’s possible that it is currently cheater-free, but do you want this really for KI? a few years with cheater until someone has finally found a solution… if they find it ever?


Yes, people modded their game data to prevent them from getting put on a map they didn’t like. It was deemed a violation of the ToS and some people who kept doing it got their accounts banned.

But nobody is cheating the gameplay. If you get put in a match, you can be assured that everybody is playing legit. You compared it to CS:GO and other games that have had huge struggles with game-altering cheats (like wall hacks, auto-aim, etc). Rocket League does not have those same issues because of the style of game. Nobody is making the ball shoot harder off their car, or making their hitbox gigantic for easy saves. People have tried, and they get disconnected because the game doesn’t sync up to the server correctly.

If you’re talking about fighting game cheats, it is already really easy for you to cheat existing fighting games by doing keyboard macros and stuff. Have you seen what the TOOLASSISTED account does to a bunch of different games? There’s nothing you can do about that stuff, because he isn’t even accessing the server. He is just analyzing the game state on his own computer, and then programming a keyboard to respond accordingly.

I mean, if TOOLASSISTED really wanted to break KI, it’d be super easy for him to code an auto combo breaker or whatever. He could do that right now if he wanted, the Steam version isn’t going to change anything.


if they mod their gamedata to remove things like specific maps out of comp because they don’t like it and lose on it. IT’s cheating!
It affects in the ranking.

you want other (current!) examples for cheating in rocket league? there are also a few tuts :wink:

and yes i’ve compared it also with other multiplayer games on steam. do you think your rocket league theory would rescue the situation?

and makros are a joke…

i don’t know if you know the difference between steam games and windows store games - or steam’s anti cheat program and microsoft’s.


I see nothing here that’s actually a cheat on the gameplay. There are people trying to cheat the key system and stuff (definitely RL has had trouble with this, as I imagine all games with key systems have), but nobody is going to score on me in RL unless they do it legit. As a player that’s my #1 priority, and I’ll let the RL devs worry about how people are trying to get free keys and items from loot boxes. I’ll give you the last word if you want it.


there are several hacks which have effects on ranks, levels. and i’ve found 3 bots, 2 are outdated. (just in a few minutes)
you can’t change the server-side things but there are enough other options and not only skins stuff. even the problem before 1.12 was gameplay related!
but is okay… it seems to be your favourite game, but you don’t play ranked in a serious way, so you aren’t interested in guys who cheat there.

can we come back to KI, since you don’t want to believe everything about rocket league?

again… your rocket league theory changes nothing at the fact that steam has thousands of cheaters and windows store and xbox almost not. (jtag and other old stuff)


Just drop the subject as a whole. It’s not really leading to anything as far as I can tell.

We can trust IG to keep the game safe from malicious intent.


would be the first time on steam^^ (if they don’t need years)


I think the pros of steam crossplay far outweigh the cons of running into the occasional cheater or hacked leaderboards. The only major issue would be the world cup wouldn’t be able to award points to the top 32 anymore.


I think there is only thing to say here … Thank you.


This is probably gonna be the first time in my life that I rush to make a purchase BEFORE it becomes free. :sweat_smile:


Free.99 that’s my favorite price! Y’all are to kind! But still gonna chip in my buck o five…#freedomisntfree


Hhmm… free Eagle for S3 Ultras in the future… fair enough to me… but I think every S1 and S2 Ultra version buyers deserve it more than S3 Ultra buyers like me, maybe…

Are you a veteran Season 1 Ultra buyer? you get all 3 characters without retro outfit (is Definitive exclusive).

Are you a Season 2 Ultra buyer? Shin Hisako and Eagle are coming soon to your account, without retro.

Are you a Season 3 Ultra buyer like me? Eagle for us, and yes, obviously no retro.

Are you a Definitive buyer? you all lucky bas… …ically get all 3 characters for free with the retro outfits!.

Fair enough for everyone?.


Out of all the Eagle theme, that will happen with SL and the Dossier that does not unlock “Ancient Mask” also with the last guardian Leon, I have the game almost 100% in all its modes but Shadow Lords al not being finished name Allows to complete the game as I would like. Thank you for your attention and I send you greetings from Mexico!


They said they have no way of knowing who is a veteran S1 and S2 buyer though. They can only check current owners and because those two seasons were free on games with gold its impossible to know who paid for them and who simply got them for free.


Don’t know if this has been addressed yet, but… how much will the accessories cost?
I’m an Ultra S3 owner, so that means Eagle will be free for me. So, how much will it cost me just to get his accessories?


regarding to your question how someone should cheat in a beat em up

just a fresh example with your favourite guy TOOLASSISTED:

and it’s just the beginning…


NOOOOOO!!! lol


They could know, Microsft’s database should have what and when we purchased stuff from the Xbox store, if they can’t give that kind of info to Iron Galaxy because of maybe confidentiality terms… then it’s a different matter… but that’s the way the can know who bought what and when.

Hell… Free Eagle, with retro, for everyone that purchased the game up to today and everyone is happy. :sunglasses: