Eagle's Pricing and Availability


Sorry to say but this is BS because I’ve wasted $120 on this game and somebody who bought it later get free characters :-1:


Bruh, it is NEVER that simple. It’s also not just about knowing, but implementing across multiple solutions and stores. Lots more to it than a DB query.

We could give everyone a diamond and someone would say it is clouding. More saying that everyone is different and has different opinions - which is valid and fine - but someone will always have a reason to not be as thrilled.


I was only giving some ideas and never said it would be easy, just there’s a possible way and the confidentiality terms I also mentioned might be a huge wall hindering I.Galaxy to get the info.

I’m a S3 Ult purchaser and I’ll have Eagle whenever you and your buddies think it’s the right moment, but I admit veteran purchasers have far more right to receive that nice gift for their early and loyal support and I wish they could also get it somehow.

We know you all try to do the best possible decisions, and I can’t wait to see what’s the next surprise you have for us, like that Ultimate of our ancient rocky friend from babylon not yet officially announced, I love it. :thumbsup:


Not to directly blame Jebailey, but how much potential revenue did this cost the team? :nauseated_face:
I’ll ante up my $5.00, it’s more than deserved.


I have Season 3 ultra but can’t select Eagle anyone else have this problem


Cant see achievements? Are there none for Eagle?


I bought s2/s3 ultra edition and definitive edition disc and eagle showed up on my ready to install list :sunglasses:



They’re snagged, but coming!


@rukizzel, why Eagle’s ultra is a DP motion, when he doesn’t have a dp motion tied to any of his specials?

If I’m not mistaken, it’s the first character who has a a different motion for his ultra than any of his regular moves


Yeah eagle came up saying that I owned him. Excellent but I find him hard to use
Practice needed


@rukizzel I bought eagle but didnt get his retro what do i do? Thanks in advance


I have a little problem. I see Eagle greyed out on select screen with “coming soon” prompt, I am S3 Ultra edition owner.


PC or Xbox?


PC. Sry for forgetting mentioning that.


Do owners of KI: Supreme Edition get Eagle as well?


You should, yes. Technically the Supreme Edition grants you Season 3 Ultra Edition. That should unlock Eagle for you.


Ok, looks like the CU is rolling out to everyone, but the configuration offer for Eagle (separate file) hasn’t hit yet. That’s why you’re seeing him grayed out. Once we get that fixed (unknown ETA), you’ll be golden!


Was having the same problem on Xbox


Hey so I updated to 3.8 and Eagle’s now on my roster. So I don’t have to purchase him, or is it because he’s the rotating character?

I own season 3 ultra edition.


He’s free to everyone for the week so he’s only unlocked for that time period. If you’re on Xbox you can check your available downloads and find him there if you’re eligible for getting him for free (DE, S3 Ultra Edition, Supreme edition). I can’t speak for PC.