Eagle's Colors


Can someone tell me how retros are acquired? I bought 50$ pack a year ago and they were included.


I’d assume the retros are included with the price of buying the character and will be unlocked from the beginning, just as they are for all characters.


Individual retros sell for $3 I believe.

I think we’ll probably see Eagle’s full set to be $10.


When you bought Kilgore/Shin Hisako, their retros just come with the character for the same price. So I imagine Eagle would be $5 and come with everything. If it’s not the case, I would be pretty disappointed.


I think you’ve forgotten that they don’t have retros. And only one set of accessories w/colors.


Oh, maybe I was thinking about the accessory sets then. I guess I was.


I’m very naive and still somehow hope that if you bought Kilgore and shin, you get Eagle free, as good faith gesture


I think they’re paying for the ultimates


Let me quote myself and add some clarity - Eagle is priced like most other characters. Aka $5.

Eagle’s retro is included. And therein lies the difference.


Thanks for the clarification. Pleasant surprise :slight_smile:


Retro Eagle vs Riptor. lol


I’m thinking he will be released on Sunday after the first part of the E3 briefing. Crosses fingers


No. We aren’t even aiming to have the trailer ready until Wednesday at the earliest.

Where's Eagle's trailer?


Wow, that’s really awesome. I have 5$ on my account just for him and I’m glad I dont need to trouble myself with MS store again for 3 dollars.


There’s even more awesome for folks that I will tell you next week.

*Awesomeness may not be appreciated by everyone


Well, it’s a subjective term…


Well yeah people around here would find a way to complain even if you gave him out for free. lol


Love his look on retro and the Phoenix is very nostalgic…

Great job guys


But can you control Phoenix???