Eagle's Colors


@rukizzel, just to avoid calling Eagle’s eagle… eagle… could you tell us its name?

It may be easier to talk about both xD


Wyakin. or phoenix.


Color 4 it’s pretty much classic Thunderbird from X-Men.
And retro’s first color kinda looks like Turok to me.


Wow. Eagle is getting more and more hype. That Retro picture and colors definitely got my attention.


Whatever happened to omens color pack? And wonder if we’ll ever get a standard arcade mode.


Retro’s looking nice! I don’t normally go for lighter colors, but I can see myself enjoying retro color 2 quite a lot.


Im getting a Retro Masterpiece vibe from Eagle. Only one other character retro is a masterpiece and thats TJ Combo.


Something I’m curious about. If eagle is going to be in the 3.8 patch does that mean he’s free? I’ve never heard of a patch being behind a pay wall.


I’ll have to see them in game before I make any final judgement, but so far both default and retro colors look pretty cool.
Can’t wait for them to show us the accessories!
Actually I’m curious. @rukizzel when you reveal the accessories, are you going to reveal both the Modern and Retro costumes options at the same time, or on separate dates?


Hmmm i didn’t think I’d say this but I’m not really feeling the retro. Maybe I just need to see it in action, however… DAT PHOENIX!!! That shot does do the retro a little more justice I’ll admit. Really hyped for this character, finally got home from the hospital so this week is looking up haha.


Eagle definitely has a aerial reposition move. Like he can leap behind the opponent in a cool ■■■ acrobatic American Ninja kinda way. He looks like he back rolls and forward rolls. It looks like he might even be able to jump on his own weyekin.

P.S. did Glacius build a device that can coporealize his Weyekin into the physical realm. Because Glacius’s race understands the science of Spirit?


Awesome! Excellent! Cool! Neato! :smile: :grin:


everyone “technically” gets him so they can play against people who’ve bought him…


$5.00, includes Retro. Mentioned in another thread IIRC.


Eagle looks bad ■■■! All I can say about that. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with his accessories.


It would be dope to see his Ultra. It would be a perfect teaser of his moveset


I don’t know why, but I hope Eagle’s theme is some form of a remix of Thunder’s classic KI theme from the arcade. I doubt it’ll happen but if it did, that would be cool.


How is he both purchasable and free? Is he up for sale now if not when?


He’s not free. Not sure where that got misinterpreted.


Ok I thought I read somewhere that eagle is part of 3.8